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USDA Veterinarian Speaks Out

A veterinarian employed by the USDA testifies that the government ignored slaughterhouse abuses.

Last Thursday, Dean Wyatt, a supervisory veterinarian for the US Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), testified to Congress that government officials refused to act on his reports of illegal slaughterhouse practices. Wyatt claims that FSIS management violated food safety and humane slaughter laws by ignoring serious infractions, such as shocking and killing downer calves and conscious pigs. Wyatt also testified that when he questioned superiors about these issues, he was threatened with transfer or demotion. In 2008 and early 2009, negligence reports that Wyatt filed against Bushway Packing Inc., went unaddressed. Bushway was later shut down, after a Humane Society of the United States investigation revealed egregious animal-welfare violations.

Vegan Just Egg Expands to Washington DC

Food technology startup JUST expands its vegan mung bean-based scrambled egg replacer to Equinox, the second restaurant to offer the innovative product in the United States.
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Cultured Koji Dog Food Has More Protein Than Steak

An independent study found that new clean-meat startup Wild Earth's fungus-based companion animal foods contain 45 percent protein by weight—compared to only 24 percent found in steak.
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Vegan Narwhal Ice Cream Debuts for Summer

Ottawa ice cream shop Little Jo Berry's honors the "unicorn of the sea" with a blue-hued, horned, and totally vegan frozen treat.
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New Vegan Grocery Store Opens in North Carolina

In addition to a variety of grocery items, Wilmington's new store UpBeet Market features a vegan jerky tower, beer-filling station, and a variety of dairy-free cheeses.
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800 Sets of Vegan Frosting Sell in 10 Minutes on QVC

Home-shoppers snatch up Dollop Gourmet's vegan frostings made by Cupcake Wars winner and author Heather Saffer.
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