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Humane Slaughter Exposé

An undercover investigation reveals factory farm conditions at an organic, “humane” slaughterhouse.

This week, British animal welfare group Animal Aid released undercover video revealing that a purported organic, "humane" slaughterhouse confines and beats animals and does not follow humane slaughter practices. Animal Aid chose the slaughterhouse because it is certified to the highest standard in the UK, and it received humane slaughter certification from organic, eco-conscious farming group Soil Association. Inhumane practices caught on film mimic the worst violations committed on factory farms, from extreme animal confinement and abuse to slaughtering conscious animals. Critics of organic farming are calling the investigation proof that certified organic meat is no more ethical than meat produced by factory farms.

Dairy Farmers Make Beer as Milk Industry Sours

Massachusetts dairy farm Carter & Stevens converted part of its facility into a brewery to offset losses incurred by low prices and decreased demand for milk.
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The Hamptons Gets Its First Vegan Café

New York's luxury vacation destination will soon be home to the Plant Based Coffee Shop, where hearty vegan food will make for a cruelty-free getaway.
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CA Senate Passes Mandatory Vegan Prison-Food Bill

State prisons, nursing homes, and hospitals may soon be required to have at least one plant-based meal option.
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Natalie Portman Survives Fiery Vegan Wings on Hot Ones

The vegan actress makes her way through the gamut of hot sauces on the series as she explains her dedication to veganism and promotes documentary Eating Animals.
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Prince's Estate Pledges to Remain Meat-Free

To pay respect to the late artist—an avid animal-rights advocate and rumored vegan—Paisley Park will maintain its meat-free policy.
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