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HSUS Smithfield Investigation

HSUS releases findings from an undercover investigation at a Smithfield Foods factory farm.

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) has released video footage from an investigation at a Virginia factory farm owned by the world’s largest producers of pork, Smithfield Foods. The video contains animal abuses such as pigs crammed into small gestation crates, no veterinarian onsite, physical abuse to the pigs conducted by employees, and pigs being thrown into dumpsters alive. This footage comes within a month of HSUS conducting similar investigations at the country’s largest egg producer, Cal-Maine Foods, and at Willmar Poultry, the largest turkey hatchery in the US.

Vegan Girl Scout Thin Mint Chickpea Snacks Debut in June

Biena Snacks partnered with female-empowerment organization to create its iconic cookie flavor in chickpea-snack form—which can also be eaten frozen.
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Vegan Tacos Win Food Battle Against Fish Tacos

Taqueria La Veganza obliterated Ricky's Fish Tacos in LA's Taco Madness competition.
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Postmates Ends Deliveries of Foie Gras

The delivery service will no longer honor orders that contain the cruel product made by force-feeding ducks.
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New Vegan Market Opens in South Florida

Vegan Fine Foods offers a range of plant-based products with a 100-percent vegan guarantee.
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Beyond Sausage Debuts at All Whole Foods Nationwide

Beyond Meat's newest product, pork-free sausages, is now available in the meat section at Whole Foods Markets.
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