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Chickens Show Empathy

A new study reports that mother chickens physically react when their chicks are in distress.

Researchers from the University of Bristol have found that hens have physical reactions and show empathy when their chicks are in distress. The study found that female chickens exhibited an intense stress response when their chicks, who the hens were separated from but could smell, hear, and see, were exposed to a puff of air which caused mild distress without harm. The hens also emitted a “maternal vocalization” call, telling the chicks to return to them. Researchers believe the findings are important for farming environments, as animals are exposed to the pain and distress of other members of their species.

Costco Debuts $5 Vegan Breakfast Bowls Nationwide

The food court at the big-box retailer is about to get a lot more refreshing thanks to a plant-based berry-and-granola-loaded açaí bowl, available by the end of this month at locations nationwide.
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Montreal Bans Cruel Horse-Drawn Carriages

Beginning on New Year's Eve 2019, horses will no longer be forced to pull passengers across the cobblestone streets of the Canadian city.
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New Locator Finds Vegan Food at Ballparks

New guide Veggie Happy helps sports fans locate vegan options at stadiums nationwide.
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New Vegan Butcher Shop Opens in Texas

San Antonio's Hip Peaz Vegan Eats offers a rotating menu of vegan meat sandwiches, burritos, and gumbo.
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Vegan Shoe Brand No One's Skin Debuts in London

The new footwear brand aims to eliminate the pollution caused by the animal-based leather industry with comparable, vegan alternatives.
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