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US News Talks Veg

A new article in US News and World Report discusses vegetarianism’s growing influence on college campuses.

College campuses are becoming more veg-friendly, according to a new article from US News and World Report. The piece highlights colleges across the country, from the University of Washington in Seattle to Syracuse University in New York, and the efforts they are making to make their universities more veg-friendly, including Meatless Mondays initiatives, campus farms, more veg cuisine, and even classes on veganism. Nina Vought, a professor at Westminster College, says of her class on vegan diet, “This is the first time for many of [the students] that they realize vegan food is not [just] iceburg lettuce and carrot sticks.”

QDOBA Now Offers Price Cut for Vegans

The Mexican-inspired chain launched the Vegetarian Tier to give a discount to customers who order meat-free meals.
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Biotech Startup Develops Fungus-Based Clean Pet Food

New biotechnology company Wild Earth plans to disrupt the $30 billion pet food industry with nutritionally complete, animal-free proteins.
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Portland Pub Replaces Beef and Lamb with Vegan Burger

The White Owl Social Club will no longer serve beef and lamb burgers, and instead offer the Impossible Burger to reduce its environmental impact.
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W London Hotel to Offer Vegan Menu

The internationally inspired menu was created in honor of chef Ravinder Bhogal’s vegan niece.
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Saudis Go Vegan to Curb Obesity Epidemic

Residents of Saudi Arabia have the support of vegan Prince Khaled Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud, who plans to open 10 vegan restaurants in the region by 2020.
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