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Eco-travel Made Easy

An interactive and green map-making site redefines the map.

Maps often come in handy for a casual road trip or the unfortunate occasion of finding yourself lost. Now, with the help of, you can use maps to do much more. Coinciding with World Environment Day on Friday, June 5, makers of launched their brand-new, interactive map-making tool. Open Green Map allows people from across the globe to add their favorite natural, sustainable, and cultural sites to the maps, which was the basis of Green Maps, only now anyone can get involved. Whether you want to visit Hout Bay Organic Market in Cape Town, or take the family to Victoria Park in London, the maps supply locations and reviews for your planning desires. Powered by Google Maps iconography, Open Green Map will allow for global communication that supports a healthy environment.

Veganism Fueling Global Demand for Coconut Milk

The coconut milk industry is expected to boom as the world population continues to steer clear of cow's milk.
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Abused-Animal Sanctuary in Mississippi Gets a Facelift

Newly reimagined Hope Animal Sanctuary features 20 tiny houses that serve as comfortable habitats for rescued animals.
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Utah Mayor Goes Vegan to Set Example for Citizens

Park City Mayor Andy Beerman will not consume animal products for 10 days—and possibly beyond—to show city residents that plant-based eating is easy.
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UK Makeup Guru Says Vegan is "The Right Thing to Do"

Jessica Rose urges makeup artists to use only vegan products to avoid supporting animal exploitation for vanity's sake.
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Karlie Kloss Touts Beyond Burger as the Future of Meat

The Victoria's Secret supermodel—and founder of female empowerment brand Kode with Klossy—visits Beyond Meat's California production facility and chats with Top Chef winner Brooke Williamson about the revolutionary plant-based patty.
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