The Top 15 Vegan Recipes of 2014

From mac 'n' cheese to veganized Girl Scout cookies, we unveil the year's most popular (and downright delicious) vegan recipes.

We want to know: can vegan food get ANY better? Plant-based cuisine went above and beyond our wildest expectations in 2014, and we’re pretty excited to celebrate. In honor of a great year for veganism, here are the 15 most popular recipes on We can’t wait to see what’s on the menu in 2015!

1. VegNews Vegan Macaroni & Cheese
This is the best mac 'n' cheese on the planet. End of story.

2. Quinoa Nachos
These spicy, cheesy quinoa nachos by New York City chef and author Ayinde Howell make a fun weeknight meal or party appetizer.

3. Soy-Free Vegan Ground Beef
These easy-to-make, versatile crumbles will work in everything from tacos to casseroles.

4. Vegan Meatballs
This healthy version of savory meatballs taste great in a sandwich, with pasta, or atop a fresh salad.

5. Zombie-Free French Toast
The apocalypse may or may not be coming, but we'll be ready either way when fueled by this delicious French toast.

6. Sumptuous Shepherd's Stew
You'll love our rich, flavorful spin on the classic Shepherd’s Stew.

7. Vegan Thin Mints
Is there anyone who wouldn't want a perfected recipe for veganized Girl Scout Cookies? We think not.

8. Vegan Samoas
Caramel, coconut, and chocolate in a sweet, chewy cookie? We're in love.

9. Marinated Kale Salad
This fresh, healthy salad by Colleen Holland is a VegNews staff favorite.

10. Vegan Eggs Benedict
Seared tofu layered with fried tomatoes and Hollandaise sauce will be your go-to brunch entrée.

11. Vegan Tagalongs
We ovehauled this classic Girl Scout cookie, but you'd never know the difference with our sweet cookie base, peanut butter filling, and rich chocolate coating.

12. Hot Chocolate Ice Cream
Love hot cocoa? You won't be able to get enough of Hannah Kaminsky's creamy chocolate ice cream dotted with vegan marshmallows.

13. Woody Harrelson's Adult Vegan Brownies
Woody is back, this time with his favorite brownie recipe developed exclusively for VegNews.

14. 6-Ingredient Homemade Vegan Ice Cream
Blogger-turned-cookbook author Gena Hamshaw shares two of the tastiest, easiest dairy-free ice cream recipes on the planet.

15. Kale Slaw with Barbecue Walnut Crumble
Forget coleslaw—in 2014, it's all about kale slaw! And once you try the barbecue walnut crumble, you'll never go back.

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