This Week's Must-Have

Cashew Ice Cream

These new dairy-free flavors show that there’s nothing the venerable cashew can’t do.

Every flavor of So Delicious’ cashew milk ice cream is, well, so delicious. We bedazzled the Creamy Cashew with crushed peanut butter cookies, caramel sauce, and fresh fruit; replaced our morning coffee with huge scoops of the Cappuccino flavor; and reminisced about the cookies mom used to make while devouring the sugary-but-not-too-sweet Snickerdoodle. But the ultimate flavor in this pint-sized line—and the unanimous staff pick—was the Salted Caramel Cluster. Expect to be wowed by the flavors and textures packed into this little pint, which contains roasted cashews that are generously doused in chocolate, swimming in a sea of slightly salty caramel swirled ice cream. Whether you’re having the best day ever or pining for a lost love, this ice cream will absolutely make things better.

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