VegNews Vegan Fashion Week

This year, we're putting vegan styles on the internet runway during fashion's biggest week.

If you’re like us, then you can’t wait to see the latest designs showcased during New York Fashion Week. However, if you’re like us then you also get disappointed when you discover your latest must-have is made from animal products. To remedy this, we’re showcasing a different garment each day this week to prove that fashion can be chic, contemporary, and cruelty-free. Check back with us for the next five days as we rock the best of vegan scarves, sweaters, boots, handbags, menswear, and more!

Day 1: Coats + Jackets
Day 2: Boots + Shoes
Day 3: Handbags
Day 4: Scarves + Sweaters
Day 5: Menswear

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