Feel Good Fridays!

VegNews editors bring you this week's most heart-warming vegan stories.

Veganism got you feelin’ good? Us too. In fact, the world is so full of great veg stories that we have a hard time keeping up with all this positive news. As such, every Friday we’re collecting the most heart-warming, smile-inducing, thumbs-uppiest web posts of the week to start the weekend with a smile. Cute animal videos, tasty vegan dishes, restaurant openings, and cool travel stories … if it made us feel good we’ll share it here every week.

Without further adieu, we give you this week's Feel Good Friday lineup!

This time of year, media outlets such as Huffington Post, The New York Times, and Buzzfeed are collecting the best Thanksgiving recipes, many of which are vegan (hello Sweet Potato Souffle!). What’s more, Portland chef Aaron Adams of Farm Spirit unloaded a dozen easy tips—“just cook a bunch of awesome vegetables in a creative way"—to make sure every vegan is well fed this Thanksgiving.

If we weren’t busy making a dozen of MSN’s show-stopping pumpkin pies, we’d hop on the next plane to Berlin to cozy up to clothing company Asos, which recently toured the vegan-friendly city to eat all the currywurst, vegan bacon cheeseburger pizza, and celebrity-named vegan crepes (we’ll take five Woody Harrelsons, please!).

Lastly, this week we were ecstatic to find out that NYC’s The Meatball Shop now offers vegan meatballs, an all-vegan fish and chips joint opened in Sydney, Australia, and that London restaurant Indigo casually pulled a non-dairy switcharoo on its menu without anyone noticing.

It feels awfully good to be vegan.

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