Activist Takes on Cops to Provide Water to “Death Row” Pigs

Toronto Pig Save’s Anita Krajnc was filmed going toe-to-toe with authorities, refusing to stop providing thirsty pigs a drink of water on their way to slaughter.

Animal-rights activist Anita Krajnc, currently facing criminal charges for providing water to thirst-stricken pigs en route to slaughter, was recently filmed standing up to Toronto authorities after being confronted for continuing to slake animals’ thirst. In a YouTube video, Krajnc contends with a law enforcement official explaining the legal ramifications of her actions, which would constitute a charge of mischief. “How do you think it’s mischief to give a thirsty pig water?” she asks of the officer. “Okay, if you haven’t learned anything yet, we can go through the process all over again,” the cop responds. “I actually learned that what I did was right,” Krajnc said. “What I did was absolutely right and I’m proud of it and I would do it again and again.” The activist goes on to ask about the officer’s conscience, and if he would provide water to a thirsty pig just as he would to a thirsty dog. “I have an awesome conscience,” the officer replied. “If you did, if you have an awesome conscience, you wouldn’t question that it is the right thing to do to give a thirsty pig water.” Krajnc’s group Toronto Pig Save is organizing a “slaughterhouse vigil” in which 200 other activists will stand roadside to provide water to “death row” pigs being transported by truck to slaughter.

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