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Vegan Tahitian Sunrise Tropical Smoothie
Cool down with this refreshing thirst quencher.
Vegan Fruit Smoothie
This recipe for an easy, classic smoothie will help jumpstart your day.
Vegan Black Bean Dip
This dip pairs well with crisp crackers, crunchy vegetables, or rolled up on a tortilla with avocado.
Vegan Dark Cherry Smoothie
Bananas and cherries give this smoothie a sweet yet tart edge that makes for one refreshing drink.
Vegan Baked Beans and Franks
We veganized this oldie-but-goodie for all your cookout cravings.
Vegan Tofu Scramble
Who needs eggs when a delicious, cholesterol-free tofu scramble can be whipped up in no time?
5 Great Ways to Get More Calcium
Bone up on your calcium knowledge and ensure your bones stay healthy with these tips and tricks.
14 Recipes Filled with Spring’s Best Greens
A mélange of warm and cool, main-meal salads signal the start of spring.
Cinnamon Nut Oatmeal {Recipe}
Fresh fruit, nuts, and seeds grace this warm, delicious, and nutritious breakfast.
Green Gazpacho
With St. Patty’s around the corner, go green with this delicious gazpacho.
Holy Guacamole
Spicy cumin and fresh cilantro kick smooth guacamole up a notch.
Garbanzo and Cabbage Soup
Hearty and tasty, this soup is makes fall dinners a snap.
Green Gazpacho
When it’s too hot to cook, here is a surprising and delicious gazpacho that uses no tomatoes.
New York Chapati
One of the fastest ways to make a tasty snack or meal is to always have some tortillas or chapati in the house. These can be spread with your choice of condiments, topped with any variety of veggies, and rolled up to be eaten by hand.
Grilled "Cheese" Sandwich
A childhood favorite, enjoy this cruelty-free comfort food when you’re in the mood for a nostalgic treat.
Breakfast Fruit Plate
While I usually like to eat what’s in season, I hate to miss out on nutrient dense, delicious berries. When berries aren’t in season, I use frozen, organic berries on my oatmeal, in shakes, or in this colorful breakfast.
Chopped Vegetable Salad
The first time I made this salad, it was out of desperation. There was no lettuce in the house and I was eager to have a salad. Now it’s become one of my husband’s favorites, and I make it gladly at least once a week.
Roasted Potatoes
Earthy seasonings set off the moldable flavor of roasted potatoes. Hearty, filling, and great for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
Tofu Marinade
Baked or smoked tofu is a healthy alternative to cheese and an excellent source of protein. Delicious flavors are available pre-packaged in natural food stores or can be made easily at home. Here’s one of my favorite quick and easy marinades.
Yams, Broccoli, & Avocado
My favorite winter avocado recipe is one that’s colorful and simple. This dish is so nourishing and delicious.
Moroccan Carrots & Parsnips
This recipe provided 321 milligrams of calcium per serving!
Roasted Red Pepper Spread
Top your bagels with this delicious spread, or serve with chips, crudités, or pita triangles.
Everyone needs a standard hummus recipe, and this one is sure to please.
Ultimate Cereal Meal
Starting your day with this delicious combination of whole grain cereal, berries, walnuts, flax seeds, and soymilk will ensure excellent energy and ample nutrition.
Vegan Croquettes
Serve these on a bun with sliced tomato, lettuce, onion, and a pickle, and you can call them veggie burgers!
Vegan Caesar Salad
Croquettes taste great with a crisp, green salad. Here’s a Caesar Salad recipe that’s always a hit.
Cashew & Pepper Dip
Way more fun than hummus, this addictive dip is the perfect pop of color on any plate.
Vegan Pesto Pizza
Nobody would guess that this easy pesto sauce uses miso paste instead of oil. You may want to double the recipe and save some to toss with pasta on another night.
Vegan French Bread Pizza
This is one of my all-time favorite pizzas, compliments of Joanne Stepaniak from The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook.
Easy Dinner Salad
No meal is complete without a salad, and pizza is no exception. This simple salad continues the Italian theme with a fat-free balsamic vinaigrette.
Broccoli Spread & Dip
This is an absolutely scrumptious dip that tastes wonderful on crackers or spread on a sandwich with fresh tomatoes and lettuce.
Crowd-Pleasing Vegan Cashew & Pepper Dip
This is one my most requested recipes when I entertain. I like to serve it with whole grain crackers, celery sticks, and baby carrots. You can roast the red pepper yourself, or you can buy them in a jar from your local deli.
Baba Ganoush
This traditional middle-eastern dish has become a favorite at my house. I like to serve it with matzo crackers, but it’s also great with pita triangles or crudités.
Olive Tapenade
Don’t be overwhelmed by the tapenade’s lengthy list of ingredients. This is an easy, fast recipe that your guests will love. It is wonderful on thinly sliced toast or crackers. It also makes a delicious pasta topping.
Mixed Green Spring Salad
This recipe meets my three-rule requirement for any great salad: it has color, crunch, and it’s easy to make.
Modern Spinach Salad
Avocado replaces oil in this updated spinach salad.
Old-fashioned Spinach Salad
This traditional spinach salad has a healthy vegetarian twist.
Chopped Veggie Salad
This colorful and crunchy salad makes a wonderful lunch on a warm day.
Strawberry Shake
Revamp an old classic with the cruelty-free, stellar taste of soymilk.
Hey Pesto
Perfect as a sandwich spread or pasta sauce, this pesto is sure to please.
Quick & Easy Knishes
Knish is the Ukrainian word for dumpling. Authentic potato knishes are made with eggs and butter, but this fast, vegan version is just as delicious. It uses peppery mashed potatoes for the filling and commercial whole wheat tortillas for the dough.
Marinated Asian Tofu
A quick and easy dish for when you’re in a hurry.
Homemade Cream Cheese
Bagels for breakfast is a New York tradition that has spread across the US. While margarine, nut butters, and jam are always delicious on a bagel, this recipe makes a dense, smooth, not-too-sweet spread similar to whipped cream cheese.
Seasonal Smoothie
Smoothies are popular for people in a hurry, but they are also a long-lasting breakfast—I sip them all morning. If you forget to freeze bananas in advance, a fresh banana works fine.
Quick and Easy Side Salad
Here’s one of my favorite salads to accompany lasagna.
Tempting Tofu Ricotta
This is my all-time favorite dairy-free ricotta recipe. Created by author Jo Stepaniak, other excellent cheese alternatives can be found in her cookbook, The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook.
Veggie Lasagna
This quick and easy lasagna recipe is just the beginning—the possibility for wonderful variations is endless.
Grains & Greens Salad
This salad’s character changes with your choice of olives, and I’ve tried and enjoyed a variety of them. If there is any salad left over, you can eat it cold, but the warm quinoa adds a touch of comfort and completion to this quick meal.
Not Your Grandmother’s Potato Salad
Potatoes get top billing in this warm salad, but the kale and carrots provide a big helping of nutrients along with their color and flavor.
Mushroom & Bell Pepper Salad
The familiar ingredients in this spring salad are typically served raw. I love the surprise of the vegetables’ softness when lightly cooked.

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