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CA Chain Refuses to Serve a Vegan Beyond Burger
Luna Grill explicitly states that it will not accommodate requests to remove feta or butter from its newly added Beyond Burger.
Vegan Prince Brings Fish-Free Aquarium to Saudi Arabia
Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed has partnered with National Geographic Encounter to bring Ocean Odyssey, a CGI-populated aquarium of the future, to 10 locations in the Middle East by 2019.
Vegan Butcher Takes Over Meat and Cheese Shop
The Butcher's Son is expanding to accommodate more customers, increase its take-and-bake offerings, and develop new menu options—including a Smoked Whitefish Tuna Salad Sandwich, owner Peter Fikaris' dream sandwich.
Australian Churro Chain Adds 24 Vegan Dessert Options
Chocolateria San Churro expanded its vegan menu to include churro bowls stuffed with gelato, cookie-butter filled churros, and an array of hot-chocolate drinks.
Impossible Foods Raises $114 Million to Expand Globally
CEO Patrick Brown will not stop expanding the reach of the brand's vegan products until the global food system is sustainable.
BuzzFeed Praises NYC's Vegan Food Scene
Co-hosts of Worth It head to New York's Seasoned Vegan, Avant Garden, and abcV to sample exquisite vegan dishes.
Vegan Wrestler Crowned Impact Grand Champion
Former WWE wrestler Austin Aries finds new success as Impact Wrestling champion.
Meat-Counter Chef Creates Proper Filthy Vegan Burgers
British burger bar The Meat Counter has introduced the Hail Seitan burger—filled with smoked vegan bacon and dairy-free cheese—after identifying a void of indulgent plant-based options on its menu.
Häagen-Dazs Debuts New Vegan Ice Cream Bars and Pints
The ice cream brand expands its non-dairy line with chocolate-covered bars and pints with crispy layers.
Herbivorous Butcher Vegan Truck to Roll Out for Lunch
The vegan butcher shop hits the road this summer in Minneapolis with fried chicken, barbecue sliders, and bacon-ranch macaroni and cheese
InStyle Editor-in-Chief Says Fur is Out of Style
The fashion magazine commits to leaving fur out of its pages forever.
Daiya Launches Vegan Cheese Line in the UK
Consumers can now purchase vegan cheese shreds, spreads, blocks, and macaroni and cheese at Whole Foods Market and Sainsbury's in London.
Meat Linked To Increase of Bowel Cancer in Women
Meat-free diets, on the other hand, reduce colorectal cancer risk—a disease that is expected to plague 2.2 million new people worldwide by 2030.
UK's Vegan Population Spikes by 600 Percent Since 2016
New research shows that 3.5 million Brits, which comprises seven percent of the UK's population, now identify as vegan—up from only 542,000 in 2016.
Vegan Food Vendors Announced at Coachella
This year's festival will feature an array of vegan food vendors serving everything from plant-based ramen to dairy-free ice cream.
Green Giant Launches Six Vegan Meal Bowls
The iconic vegetable company developed the on-trend plant-based bowls in ramen, burrito, and Pad Thai flavors.
Celebrity-Packed Series Exposes Evils of the Food Industry
New docu-series Food Exposed with Nelufar Hedayat uncovers the truth behind the global fish, dairy, meat, and palm-oil industries with the help of celebrities Nicole Richie, James Cromwell, Jordana Brewster, Jeremy Irons, and Moby.
Drake is Now the Kale God of Toronto
The newly vegetarian musician gets praise for ditching meat in the form of billboards erected around Drake's hometown.
British Kids Ditched 82 Million Yogurt Servings in 2017
New research shows a slump in yogurt sales across the United Kingdom as consumers shift to non-dairy alternatives.
Prominent Rabbi Deems Lab-Grown Pork Kosher
Torah-law expert Rabbi Yuval Cherlow delivered a speech about cultured meat, explaining that when a cell is used to grow flesh outside of an animal, a pig loses his/her original identity.
Avarcas USA Launches Its First Vegan Shoe Line
Makers of the popular Spanish-style handmade sandal launch a line of Pons avarcas made with proprietary vegan leather materials in four shades.
Animal Fat Consumption Linked to Premature Death
New research from the American Heart Association finds that while consuming fats from plant sources is beneficial, the consumption of animal-based fats increases the risk of death from heart disease by 21 percent.
KFC Launches Vegan Chicken Bucket
The new cruelty-free VFC bucket features a dozen pieces of vegan chik'n—available in original or extra crispy—cooked in a separate fryer and served with dairy-free biscuits and Vegenaise-based coleslaw.
Vegan Breast Milk Brand Debuts at Costco
Beyond Baby's line of mommy cheese, yogurt, and ice cream is now available at the big box store.
Soccer Star Credits Plant-Based Diet for Energy Spike
Arsenal's Hector Bellerin recently eschewed animal products and says his energy levels are noticeably better.
New Brand Raises $3.5M to Develop Lab-Grown Salmon
Startup Wild Type enters the burgeoning cultured-food industry to create slaughter-free salmon from cells.
Vegan Lab-Made Leather on the Verge of Mass Release
Biotechnology startup Modern Meadow secures a partnership with industrial corporation Evonik to disrupt the $100 billion animal-leather industry with vegan yeast-based leather alternatives.
Stranger Things Star Wears Rooney Mara's New Vegan Line
Teen actress Sadie Sink is the first to wear clothing from Hiraeth—a vegan fashion label launched by fellow actress Rooney Mara.
USDA Urged to Make Plant-Based Diet a Priority
Pennsylvania congressman Matt Cartwright urges the governmental organization to promote the shift toward a plant-based diet to Americans in the forthcoming Dietary Guidelines.
Vegan Protest Shuts Down 27-Year-Old Easter Sheep Race
A petition backed by more than 50,000 supporters prompts organizer Hoo Farm to cancel the Sheep Grand National, an annual event where sheep run for food with stuffed animals strapped to their backs.
UK Store Superdrug Opens Vegan Outlet for the Summer
Retailer Superdrug launches a vegan pop-up to capitalize on the growing consumer shift toward animal-free beauty products.
Animal Agriculture Is Killing Jaguars in South America
A new report by a coalition of environmental watchdog groups reveals that growing soy for animal feed in the Gran Chaco region is eliminating the natural habitat of wild animals.
Celebrity Chef José Andrés Says the Future Is Plant-Based
The celebrated humanitarian chef questions why people still eat meat.
A Vegan America Would Feed 350 Million More People
New study finds that if resources were diverted from animal agriculture into plant-based food production, we could feed millions of Americans without using more land.
Vegan Tuna to Debut at College Campuses Nationwide
Plant-based seafood brand Ocean Hugger Foods partnered with leading food-service provider Aramark to distribute its tomato-based tuna to select office and school cafeterias.
UK Vegan Beauty Products Sales Soar by 38 Percent
A new report shows that consumers are increasingly buying cruelty- and animal-free products to align with their ethics.
Beef-Eaters Produce Half of US Greenhouse Gases
A new study shows that 20 percent of Americans—those who eat the most beef—are responsible for a disproportionate amount of environmental damage.
Milk Makeup Brand is Now Fully Vegan
The beauty brand's co-founder Dianna Ruth says animal products have no place in the beauty industry.
Will.I.Am Equates Meat and Dairy to Crack
The newly vegan musician urges fans to join his VGang posse in fighting the Food and Drug Administration that approves harmful foods as safe and pushes drugs to treat diet-related illnesses.
Umami Burger Debuts Two All-Vegan Impossible Burgers
The chain developed its first vegan bun in response to consumer demand for fully vegan Impossible Burgers.
Four School Districts in Brazil to Go Vegan by 2019
The Sustainable School project will benefit 30,000 children and reduce the consumption of animal products by 25 percent per semester in schools located in the northeastern state of Bahia.
Milk Producers Lie About Anti-Vegan Legislation
The National Milk Producers Federation claimed that the recently signed spending bill contained language that would require plant-based food producers to change their usage of terms such as milk, cheese, and yogurt.
Healthy Choice Debuts Vegan Power Bowls
The frozen-meals brand enters the booming plant-based industry with vegan protein-packed bowls that it hopes will attract millennial consumers.
Ben & Jerry's Gives Away Vegan Scoops on Free Cone Day
This year, the iconic ice cream brand's 40th annual Free Cone Day is a must-visit for the dairy-free crowd.
Cory Booker Loses Snowball Fight, Buys Winner Vegan Pizza
The vegan New Jersey Senator was defeated by Arizona senator Jeff Flake in an epic snowball duel on the East Lawn and must pay the pizza price.
Brooklyn's Vegan President Pushes to Ban Bologna
Eric L. Adams introduced a resolution that would ban disease-promoting processed meat at New York City public schools.
Director Kevin Smith is Now a Non-Animal Eater
The Clerks director has officially ditched all animal products after a devastating heart attack made him reconsider his dietary habits.
Ed Sheeran Buys Vegan Domino's Pizza for Dedicated Fans
The musician treated fans who camped out to see his concert in Brisbane, Australia to vegan pizzas from the chain, which recently added Follow Your Heart's vegan cheese to its menus.
UK Doughnut Chain Opens an All-Vegan Outpost
The new plant-based location of doughnut shop Crosstown in London aims to make cruelty free doughnuts that rival the “real” thing.
Zac Efron Thrives on a Purely Plant-Based Diet
The High School Musical actor reveals that ditching animal products has improved his metabolism, sleep, and exercise routine.

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