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Canadian Monks Save Hundreds of Lobsters
Monks buy 600 pounds of lobsters and release them back into the ocean near Wood Islands.
Study Finds Pig Voices Depend on Personality
New research suggests that pigs have personalities and communicate emotional states through unique vocalizations.
KIND Ditches Milk and Honey in New Line of Energy Bars
Snack bar company introduces line of vegan bars made with fruit, vegetables, and chia seeds.
Califia Launches First Vegan Nitro Cold-Brew Latte
Vegan company's new coffee beverage is infused with nitrogen to create a micro-foam finish.
Starbucks Launches First Coconut Milk-Based Drink
Iced Coconut Milk Mocha Macchiato is the coffee giant's first foray into capturing the $6.7 billion dairy-free drink market.
Meat Restaurant Adds Veg Options for First Time in 118 Years
India's long-time meat kebab eatery adds vegetarian options to accommodate customer demand.
San Antonio Businesses Team Up to Open Vegan Eatery
Five companies band together to create a grab-and-go eatery to serve the Texas community.
Danone Explains Benefits of WhiteWave Acquisition
Dairy yogurt giant expands its holdings to non-dairy companies in an effort to move forward on its sustainability promise.
Tibetan Nomads Go Meat Free
As the country becomes more metropolitan, Tibet’s population increasingly slashes meat consumption to fall in line with compassionate morals.
New Fergie Music Video Features Vegan Milk
Singer's newest music video showcases coconut, almond, hemp, and rice milks.
New DC Vegan Diner Gets Rave Reviews
Sticky Fingers new sister eatery Fare Well gains fan base just two weeks after opening.
CNN Profiles Unlikely Vegan Strongman
German bodybuilder Patrik Baboumian is "smashing soy-based stereotypes."
PETA Names Sexiest Vegan Celebrities of 2016
Liam Hemsworth and Jhené Aiko were awarded the title for their public dedication to veganism.
Final Medical School Stops Live Animal Surgical Practice
Schools in both Canada and the United States no longer require students to practice surgery on live pigs, dogs, and cats.
Bentley Working On Vegan Alternative to Bull Leather
The luxury car company is exploring vegan options to meet rising demand.
Avocado-Banana Vegan Ice Cream Debuts in Stores
Nana Nice Cream swaps dairy for a base made from a combination of avocado and banana.
Hormel Sued for "Natural" Label on Factory Farmed Meat
Makers of SPAM defend lawsuit filed to show that Hormel's use of "natural" is misleading customers.
Meat-Free Days Up 80 Percent Amongst Swedish Kids
Students in Sweden are embracing meat-free school days to support the country's environmentally friendly goals.
Popular Vegan Ice Cream Shop to Pop Up in Fenway
Boston neighborhood will be home to the new location of the all-vegan ice cream shop.
Vegan Butcher to Appear on Food Network July 15
The Herbivorous Butcher will be featured on an episode of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, serving Italian sandwiches to host Guy Fieri.
How to Pack the Perfect Vegan Beach Bag
From snacks to sunscreen, we put together a dream bag that covers all of the vegan bases.
Leonardo DiCaprio to Rally for Beef Ban
Actor partners with Hindu group to raise awareness of beef's environmental and ethical issues.
Bon Appétit Picks Top Vegan Chocolate Bars
Food publication gives top honors to three vegan bars that editors loved during vegan recipe development.
Fall Out Boy Drummer Joins New Vegan Band
New hardcore band Sect to promote vegan messages through album debut due out this August.
Dun-Well Doughnuts Expands to Manhattan
Popular vegan doughnut shop will have a new outpost in the East Village.
10 Cool Waters You Need to Know Now
Maple, watermelon, and artichoke are just a few of the sources for a new wave of thirst-quenching waters that we‘re drinking to beat the heat.
16 Handles Frozen Yogurt Chain Launches Vegan Series
Frozen yogurt company partners with AriZona, Dannon, and Skinnygirl to introduce a new vegan option every month.
Ontario Zoo Closes Due to Low Attendance
Controversial Canadian zoo to close this fall after owner stands trial for four charges of animal cruelty.
Perdue Announces Sweeping Animal Welfare Reforms
Chicken company launches a comprehensive animal welfare policy to address animal cruelty issues across 2,200 farms.
The Huffington Post Examines Hypocrisy of Dog Slaughtering
Media website asks: "Are We Any Better Than Yulin Festival Goers?"
The 10 Best Viral Vegan Videos
From the Tofuken grandma to the toddler who refused to eat octopus, these vegan videos have made millions of viewers laugh, cry, and run to the kitchen to make mac and cheese.
Jamba Juice Opens Vegan-Friendly Eatery
Pasadena, CA will be home to a revamped Jamba Juice serving vegan-friendly food and drinks in a café setting.
Cruelty Exposed at Eggland's Best Supplier
Animal-rights group Mercy For Animals calls for supplier to country's largest egg distributors to go cage-free after investigation.
Great Vegan Pie Contest Hits NYC
Best vegan pie among local bakers will be selected at New York City's V Spot Organic on Monday.
Schwarzenegger and Cameron Urge Public to Cut Meat
Terminator actor and director team up for a public service announcement to urge Americans and Chinese to eat less meat.
10 Best Vegan Summer Snacks at Trader Joe's
From new vegan marshmallows to mango mochi, our ultimate list of Trader Joe's snacks will get this summer party started.
CVS to Showcase Vegan Foods
Nationwide drugstore will promote vegan display with Lärabar, Kashi crackers, and GimMe Health seaweed snacks to stay on top of growing demand.
NFL Player Prepares for Olympics with Vegan Cheesecake
Rare two-sport athlete Marquise Goodwin goes vegan in hopes of pulling off gold medal long jump.
Italy's Largest Market to Implement Vegan Section
Future Conad stores will feature an entire section of vegan products prominently displayed near their large produce section.
Zambia Halts Hippo Slaughter
Animal-rights organization saves the lives of 2,000 Zambian hippopotami scheduled for slaughter.
NYC's Bourgeois Pig to Become Vegan Tapas Bar
Restaurateur Ravi DeRossi goes forth on his promise to turn the fondue restaurant into an all-vegan eatery.
Football Player Inspires Former Teammate to Go Veg
Athlete Marc Ramirez helps former Wolverines teammate Greg Skrepenak go vegan—with great results.
Kat Von D Unveils Limited Edition Vegan Eyeshadow Palette
Famed tattoo artist teases social media fans with grayscale filter but later reveals jewel-toned shadows of her newest vegan palette.
Vogue Highlights Emerging Vegan Trend in Russia
Fashion writer Liana Satenstein reveals that veganism is taking former Soviet states by storm.
Pret A Manger Reports 70 Percent Profit at Veg Outlet
Global eatery's CEO reports unexpected profit surge, warm public response, and that vegan dishes are the biggest sellers.
Vegan Coffee Chocolate Sorbet
A gelato-like coffee sorbet with dark chocolate bark satisfies our morning coffee and dessert cravings with every spoonful.
Daiya Vegan Cheesecake
These decadent ready-made cheesecakes make a gourmet yet simple dessert.
The Washington Post Evaluates Morality of Captive Animals
Petula Dvorak pits Flipper fans against the Free Willy crowd to ascertain the generational gap in opinions about captive marine animals.
5 Tips from an Aspiring Vegan Cook
Follow this helpful advice from a novice vegan cook to create satisfying meals every day of the week.
Beeswax in Baileys: "I Sincerely Apologize for the Confusion"
After debuting its new dairy-free Irish cream in May, company discovers that the product is not vegan.

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