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Jon and Tracey Stewart to Expand Animal Sanctuary
Stewarts will extend their New Jersey branch of Farm Sanctuary to include 45 acres of land for rescued chickens, cows, pigs, goats, and more.
New Study Links Meat to Stomach Cancer
Massive cancer study of 17.5 million people found strong evidence that processed meat increases risk of stomach cancer.
Popular Science: "The Cow Will Become Obsolete"
Science publication highlights compelling innovations that will effectively phase out the use of cows for milk, meat, leather, and insulin.
Vegan Fashion Label Launches First Swimwear Line
Vaute Couture introduces line of summer suits, rompers, maxis, and more made from recycled, cruelty-free products.
Vegan NFL Star Nominated for Webby Award
Arizona Cardinal Tyrann Mathieu's activism video nominated for a "best of the internet" award.
Pret a Manger Testing Vegetarian Pop-Up in London
The 30-year-old restaurant chain credits its growth to meat-free options and testing a new vegetarian concept.
Detroit Company Debuts Recycled Vegan Handbags
Pure Detroit unveils its vegan bag collection made from recycled seatbelts.
Whole Foods Releases Own Frozen Vegan Pizza
Supermarket chain capitalizes on the dairy-free pizza trend with its new 365-branded pie.
Almond Milk Sales Up 250 Percent; Dairy Milk Sales Down
Dairy milk takes a hit while sales of almond-based milks soar in the past five years.
Vegan Bibimbap Burgers
Korean flavors meet American fare in this new veggie burger from Dr. Praeger's.
Canadian Zookeeper Resigns After Cruelty Charges
Zoo director provided animals for Hollywood movies such as Life of Pi and Billy Madison.
Business Analyst to Nestlé: Acquire Dairy-Free Brands
To boost slipping profits, multi-national corporation should acquire dairy-free companies, says food analyst.
Waka Flocka Flame Makes Promo Video for Vegan Edibles
Famed rapper creates all-vegan, THC-infused granola bars in front of 100 fans in Seattle.
Beauty Guru Releases Video About Going Vegan
Popular makeup vlogger Carli Bybel goes vegan and shares her journey with four million subscribers.
Vegan Filmmakers Raise Money to Qualify for Oscars
Cowspiracy's Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn raise more than $235K in crowdfunding campaign for their new film, What the Health.
Vegetarian Food Options Up 633 Percent in Germany
The number of vegetarian and vegan products, meals, and eateries have reached historic highs in the past five years.
Medical School to Offer Plant-Based Program
The two-year residency program is designed to teach aspiring doctors about the medical benefits of a plant-based diet.
Filmmakers Urge White House to Go Vegan on Earth Day
Cowspiracy documentarians insist that Barack and Michelle Obama go vegan as a symbolic stance in line with the White House's environmental policies.
Tennis Star Opens Vegan Restaurant
Top-ranked tennis champion Novak Djokovic welcomes fellow players to his plant-based restaurant in Monte Carlo.
Strawberries Top 2016 Dirty Dozen List
Berries overtake apples on the annual list of the most pesticide-laden produce on the market.
First Vegan Kindergarten Opens in Italy
At the Nature school in Milan, children enjoy vegan food and an environmentally focused curriculum.
Meat-Eaters Twice as Likely to Have Rage Disorder
New study links aggressive behaviors and neurological disorders to consumption of parasite found in undercooked meat.
10 Juice Cleanses We Love
This year, our spring cleaning includes detoxifying our bodies, clearing our minds, and hydrating our skin.
Vegan Makeup Brand Jeffree Star Cosmetics Expanding Line
Makeup designer Jeffree Star believes that "makeup is for humans, not animals."
Vegan Milk Blends
New from Califia Farms, these blended beverages feature ingredients like coconut cream, ginger, turmeric, and matcha.
Vegan Chocolate Shop to Open in New York City
Vegan chocolatier Lagusta Yearwood partners with bakery Sweet Maresa to open Confectionary in NYC's Lower East Side.
New Investment Group to Finance Vegan Companies
New Crop Capital is distributing $25 million in capital to food innovators and "disruptors" of animal agriculture.
Miami Kids Cook Vegan Food for NASA
Students will use produce that could be grown on Mars to create meals for astronauts.
H&M's "Conscious Collection" Full of Leather and Silk
The company hopes to make "fashion sustainable and sustainability fashionable"—using animal products.
World's Top Chef Impressed by Vegan Chicken
Ferran Adrià of el Bulli fame praised a Netherlands shop's meat-free chicken.
Vegan Chef Appears on The Today Show
Chef Chloe Coscarelli makes beet fettuccine Alfredo on The Today Show this morning.
University Publication to Step Up Vegan Coverage
The newspaper of Appalachian State University will publish a column on the myriad reasons to adopt a plant-based diet.
Actor Danny Trejo Loves Vegan Food
Machete actor discusses the inspiration behind vegan options at his Los Angeles taqueria.
Vegan Ice Cream Company Experiencing Triple-Digit Growth
The dairy-free ice cream market is exploding with a number of national brands, including Nada Moo!.
LinkedIn Says Plant-Based Tech is Next Big Thing
Business journalist predicts that plant-based food technology will have a big impact on the world economy.
UCLA Newspaper to Feature 10 Vegan Restaurants
The Daily Bruin will showcase 10 Los Angeles restaurants to give students insight into plant-based dining options.
Professional Football Player Tyrann Mathieu Goes Vegan
The Arizona Cardinal said, "I'm tired of eating poison."
Australian Gelato Shop Goes Vegan
Gelato Blue eliminates all animal products from its menu to serve exclusively vegan desserts.
First Vegan Bakery Opens in San Francisco
Wholesome Bakery brings gluten-free, vegan offerings such as scones, coffee cake, and savory bread pudding to the City by the Bay.
Vegan Whoopie Pies
The nostalgic frosting-filled cookie sandwich comes in myriad flavors and is gluten-free to boot.
by CHLOE Restaurants to Open in All 50 States
Popular New York-based vegan restaurant is on track to open in every state by May 1.
Earth Balance Holds Vegan Cupcake Contest
Vegan butter brand is giving away trips, gift cards, and a year's supply of Earth Balance to best vegan cupcake recipes.
Trump Goes on Vegan Taco Cleanse; Ponders Mexico Wall
"Samosas? What are those? Just give me tacos, and leave me alone," presidential candidate tweets.
Quinoa Found to Be Truly Guilt-Free
Study shows that the popular vegan protein source is not harming animals or people.
Iran Bans Wild Animal Circuses
The country's 31 states will no longer issue permits for establishments that use wild animals for entertainment.
Vegan Bodybuilders Find Love at the Gym
Former Mr. Universe and his strongwoman fiancé reveal their love story and shared passion for the vegan lifestyle.
College Students Love New Vegan Cafeteria Options
Vegan mayo and cookies are a big hit among students and staffers.
Tech Insider Reveals Animal Ingredients in Everyday Products
The tech publication takes a look at animal by-products found in soda, alcohol, juice, and sugar.
New Concept Fashion Line Connects Cow to Leather
College professor creates jacket that "moos" and has an attached cowhide head.
Secret Vegan Illuminati Ball Launches Near NYC
Lavish theatrical dinner party takes guests on a vegan immersive journey.

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