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Father and Son Killed by Fumes at Pig Farm
Noxious gases from manure pit prove fatal.
Miami School District Launches Healthy Eating Initiative
One of the largest school districts in the country is making a big effort to teach children about plant-based nutrition.
5 Quotes from the Man Who Helped Overturn Idaho's Ag-Gag Law
Matthew Liebman, the attorney responsible for helping reverse the bill, took to Reddit yesterday to discuss the monumental ruling.
PETA Names Top 10 Veggie-Friendly Ballparks
From black-bean quinoa burgers at Fenway Park to mac-and-cheese frites at Citi Field, stadiums around the country are stepping up to the vegan plate.
38 Percent of Pizza Lovers Demand Dairy-Free
Study finds millennials value health and environmental issues, driving food companies to offer more sustainable options.
Burger King India Caters to Vegetarians
The chain offers six meat-free sandwiches to cater to the nation's 300 million vegetarians.
Export of American Diet Wreaking Havoc on the World
The spread of fast food, processed food, and animal protein to developing countries is leading to an increase in disease.
Super Greens Veggie Burgers
Get your greens on with this healthy—and delicious—veggie burger.
School Nutrition Magazine Filled with Meat and Dairy Ads
New report reveals magazine on childhood nutrition is loaded with ads for pizza, corn dogs, and chicken nuggets.
Dairy Industry's New Campaign Targets Millennials
The Onion runs sponsored content to support Dairy Good's latest video campaign.
Google to Offer More Plant-Based Options to Employees
At Google's headquarters in Northern California, more vegan options are being added to the menu.
Kale Oatmeal Raisin Cookie
Kale in cookies sounds absurd until you try one of these delicious treats.
Factory Farm Poisons Town
Residents near factory farm in North Carolina sue pork giant, Smithfield, over health problems caused by cesspools of animal waste.
USDA to Label Risky Tenderized Meat
Because of the health risks caused by mechanically tenderized meat, the government will soon require labeling.
New York Times Blown Away by Vegan Ice Cream
Food columnist says vegan recipes are the best part of a non-vegan ice cream cookbook.
New Vegan Game Introduced for Smartphones
Rescue farm animals from butchers while learning fun vegan facts on a new smartphone app.
Cashew Ice Cream
These new dairy-free flavors show that there’s nothing the venerable cashew can’t do.
Brad Pitt Demands Costco Go Cage-Free
Actor tells big-box store: "Stop selling eggs from hens confined to tiny cages."
Vegan Egg White Company Raises $1.75 Million
Food technology company Clara Foods aims to disrupt egg white market with its vegan alternative.
Going Vegan: How One Meat-Serving Restaurant is Catering to the Meat-Free
VegNews talks to acclaimed Washington DC's Equinox restaurant about its evolution to a more plant-based menu.
New Study: Vegan Diet Halts Breast Cancer Tumors
Cancer cells starve when methionine, mostly found in meat, is removed from the diet.
Indian Couples Seek Vegetarian Egg Donors
While religion, intelligence, height, and blood type still matter, vegetarian diets top donor wish lists for couples looking to conceive.
Arby's Launches PR Campaign Targeting Vegetarians
The fledgling chain set up a ‘vegetarian hotline’ to promote its brown sugar bacon.
Kite Hill Cream Cheese
We're loving this creamy schmear you can, and will, put on everything.
Studies: Vegan Diet Greatly Improves Asthma
Numerous studies reveal the correlation between plant-based diets and increased respiratory function.
Bill Maher Gets Real About Meat
Maher asks audience: Is America a "we don't-want-to-know society?"
Israeli Military Offers Vegan Options to Soldiers
With the rising number of vegan soldiers, mess halls across Israel will serve meat-free meals.
Pamela Anderson Launches Vegan Cooking Show
The famed actress/model promotes casual vegan cooking through a series of online videos.
Animal Agriculture Responsible for More Pollution Than Cars
A new report reveals that global livestock agriculture is directly linked to climate change.
Vegan Meringue Has Arrived
Online experiments reveal how to turn bean brine into stunning meringue desserts.
Final Grateful Dead Concert to Serve Vegan Food
Famed band says farewell this weekend with heartfelt goodbyes—and veggie dogs.
Peas Get Political, Take Over Internet
Jeb Bush: “You don’t put peas in guacamole.”
Vegan Trumps Vegetarian for Weight Loss
Forget the fad diets; a vegan diet provides the best results says a new study.
The 15-Year-Old Veg Voice Behind Climate Change
Young vegetarian activist urges the United Nations to stop putting ‘profits before future.’
Demi Moore Credits Good Health to Raw Vegan Diet
The Hollywood actress claims yoga, pilates, and raw veganism are the keys to her mental and physical well-being.
Brazil’s Largest City Bans Foie Gras
Sao Paulo to stop all sale and production of the force-fed duck liver.
Portland, OR Fights Climate Change with Meatless Monday
In a unanimous vote by local government, the city sets forth a plan to encourage citizens to eat more plant-based food.
America’s Largest Ice Cream Manufacturer Testing Vegan Flavors
Ben & Jerry’s isn’t the only company getting into the non-dairy ice cream business.
General Mills to Eliminate Artificial Flavors by 2017
Cereal brands such as Trix and Coco Puffs are replacing artificial dyes with fruit and vegetable juices.
11 Things You Didn’t Know About Pigs
A new study reveals pigs have complex personalities and are similar to dogs and chimpanzees in more ways than one.
Fewer Fruit and Vegetables Leads to Risk of Hip Fracture
Eating the recommended five per day helps to keep bones intact.
New Supermarket Resells Surplus Food
Ex-Trader Joe’s president opens grocery store to eliminate food waste.
WholeSoy & Co. Closes Its Doors
Vegan yogurt brand closes its doors after attempt to build dedicated dairy-free facility.
Paul McCartney’s Ex to Open 25 Vegan Delis
Heather Mills wants to fight hunger with trendy meat-free food.
Vegan Expo to Hit New York City This Weekend
The Seed Experience will showcase more than 100 food vendors, champion athletes, and award-winning speakers.
Children Who Garden Eat Five Times More Veggies
A new study shows that a little green thumb equals a greener plate.
Top 10 Male Vegan Bloggers
Meet 10 meat-free men who rock out recipes, run marathons, and fight the good fight.
Vegan "Booze" Festival Comes to New York City
Tomorrow, New Yorkers can enjoy vegan drinks and eats at the city's second annual Better Booze Festival.
Miley Cyrus Announces Her Veganism
The 22-year-old pop star wants to be a social activist and is "finally ready to be accountable."
Natalie Portman Attributes Great Skin to Veganism
The actress shares her secret to beautiful skin: a clean diet and lots of water.

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