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GQ Names Colin Kaepernick Citizen of the Year
Vegan football player and social justice activist was awarded the prestigious title for his work in giving a voice to the voiceless.
World's First Vegan Shoe Line Made from Apples Debuts
Vegan brand VEERAH is revolutionizing the fashion industry with a collection of stylish shoes made from apple peels.
Vegan Soul Food Spot to Open in Nashville
A Nashville couple plans to open a new sit-down restaurant with the aim of making good vegan food more accessible to all.
Activist Tattoos 40K Crosses to Honor Farmed Animals
An Italian-born animal-rights activist covered his body in thousands of crosses to symbolize the animals killed for food every second.
Vegan Reddi-Wip to Debut
The classic whipped cream brand is launching a dairy-free almond- and coconut-based product to meet consumer demand for plant-based options.
LUSH Grants $445,000 to End Animal Testing
The international beauty brand awarded young scientists, activists, and global organizations substantial sums to make vivisection a thing of the past.
Ruby Rose Speaks Out Against Body Shaming
The vegan actress gives advice regarding body shaming to critics who say she is too skinny.
15,000 Scientists Urge Citizens to Adopt Plant-Based Diet
In their first official warning since 1992, an international assembly of scientists from 184 countries predict imminent world demise unless action to fight climate change is swiftly implemented.
Upscale Canadian Vegan Eatery Lands in Miami
Toronto's cruelty-free eatery Planta will debut in Miami with a vegan sushi bar, cold-pressed juice cocktails, and more.
Domino's Commits to Adding Vegan Cheese Next Year
The international pizza chain will debut vegan cheese at its Australian locations after overwhelming consumer feedback demanding cruelty-free options.
Italy Bans All Animal Circuses
The country's 100 circuses that exploit 2,000 animals will shutter by next year.
Swedish YouTube Star Makes World's Largest Vegan Cake
The record-breaking vegan cake was constructed in Stockholm to promote animal rights.
Vegan Restaurant Tour Launches in Canada
The Taste of Vegan tour features prix fixe menus and special culinary creations from London's best vegan eateries—including the world's first vegan 24-hour drive-thru, Globally Local.
SF Chain Adds Vegan Range-Free Chicken to Menus
Indian-inspired chain Curry Up Now serves vegan chicken from Hungry Planet in burritos, bowls, and catering menus at seven locations in the San Francisco Bay Area.
First All-Vegan Kilimanjaro Trek Begins in February
A team of vegan climbers between 18 and 70 will take on the world's highest free-standing mountain peak to prove that plant-based diets are key to sustained physical endurance.
NYC's First Tofurky Trot Goes Down Next Week
All proceeds from the event will go to nonprofit My Dog is My Home, an organization that helps homeless people and their companion animals.
Vegan Sandwich Bar to Open in Orlando's Milk District
Cleverly named vegan eatery Leguminati will be taking over a neighborhood known for its dairy roots.
Neighborhood Pub Turns into Vegan Eatery in LA
Beelman's re-opens as the first all-vegan establishment from newly formed restaurant group Artisanal Brewers Collective.
Vegan Cycles Across India to Promote Animal Rights
Rohit Ingle will bike across more than 12,000 miles in India to promote the vegan message.
Era of Lab Testing on Chimpanzees Officially Over
The New York Times says the final transition from lab to sanctuary for the final group of America's chimpanzees has begun.
Dairy Profits Drop 91 Percent Amidst Plant-Based Boom
Dairy brand Dean Foods bets on plant-based investments to get it out of a financial slump.
Ice Cream Chain Adds Vegan Option to 32 Scoop Shops
Vegan Dark Chocolate Truffle flavor makes its debut at Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams after five years of development.
Nickelodeon Star Launches Facebook Vegan Video Series
Daniella Monet—who played Trina Vega on comedy series Victorious—exposes meat-eaters to vegan food through cooking series.
College Basketball Star Adopts Plant-Based Diet
University of Connecticut forward Gabby Williams eschews animal products to ensure optimal athletic performance.
Paul McCartney Slams Trump for Denying Climate Change
The music legend says that the Trump administration's denial of climate change is madness.
Rampant Animal Cruelty Exposed at Land O'Lakes
An all-female investigative team found neglected calves covered in maggots living in extreme heat at Land O'Lakes supplier Zonneveld Dairy in California.
Shoe-In NBA Recruits Go Vegan
College basketball phenom brothers Jontay Porter and Michael Porter, Jr. have adopted a plant-based diet to optimize their chances of going pro before the NBA 2018 draft.
Animal-Rights Legend Honored by LA City Council
Nathan Runkle—who founded animal-rights organization Mercy For Animals when he was just 15-years-old—received recognition from the city of Los Angeles for his lifelong work in fighting for animals.
Whole Foods Names Plant-Based Tech as Top Trend
The major grocery chain believes new technology—such as bleeding Beyond Burgers and tomato-based tuna—will push the plant-based industry to further dominate the food world.
Publix Debuts Line of Vegan Entrées at 800 Stores
A line of four plant-based entrées from PlantPure—launched by the son of The China Study author T. Colin Campbell—is now available to a larger customer base.
Pret a Manger Debuts its First Vegan Christmas Sandwich
The chain's new Very Merry Christmas Sandwich—filled with specially made vegan stuffing—is set to be a menu favorite this holiday season.
Jeremy Corbyn Vegan Christmas Sweaters Debut in UK
Fifty percent of profits from the Corbs sweater—made entirely from non-animal fibers—will be donated to Oxfam.
Starbucks Commits to More Plant-Based Options
The coffeehouse giant plans to tap into the lucrative plant-based industry to help lift its profits with more food and drink offerings.
Warriors Star JaVale McGee is Now Vegan
The professional basketball player boasted that his new plant-based diet is responsible for his beautiful physique.
UN Pushed to Make Cows Focus of Climate Talks
Four trillion-dollar investment group FAIRR urges UN delegates from developed nations to consider the negative impact of animal-agriculture in upcoming climate change conference.
5 Vegan Thanksgiving Feasts You Don't Have to Cook Yourself
Give thanks to the vegan chefs who created these decadent meals that you can pass off as your own.
Tyson Says Plant Protein is Key to Food Security
CEO Tom Hayes explains that the meat company is looking to plant-based proteins to feed a growing world population.
Saskatchewan Gets its First Cat Café ... and it's Vegan
The Canadian province is now home to VegaBoo Cat Haven, where customers can dine on vegan food and play with adoptable felines.
Non-Dairy Drinks Gain Market Share Over Milk
A new report reveals that plant-based dairy alternatives now make up a growing 40 percent of the milk industry, up from 25 percent in 2016.
New Vegan Sunday Market Opens in London
Islington Vegan Market hopes to attract hungry Londoners with French pastries, Indian food, and non-dairy ice cream.
Trendsetter Says Veganism is Here to Stay
Top executive at GLEE Hospitality groups says veganism is not a trend nor a fad but a pervasive lifestyle to which the restaurant industry must accommodate.
Domino's Asks Customers if They Want Vegan Cheese
The Australian branch of the international company reaches out to its social media followers to ascertain demand for vegan cheese.
New York Knicks Star Invests in Vegan Snack Bars
Professional basketball player Kristaps Porzingis is the new brand ambassador of vegan snack bar company Zing.
Vegan Sales at Italian Chain Up by 246 Percent
UK Italian chain Zizzi continues to add new vegan dishes to its 140 locations due to huge growth margins for plant-based options.
Vegan Food Truck Serves Free Meals to the Homeless
Atlanta's Vego Bistro is planning a brick-and-mortar shop to serve even more plant-based food.
Kellogg's Debuts Vegan Cereal Line to Meet Demand
The cereal giant will launch a new plant-based line of breakfast foods under the W.K. Kellogg brand in the UK to meet growing demand for vegan products.
Top Cosmetics Brand Pledges to Go Vegan by 2020
Hourglass Cosmetics CEO Carisa Janes says that the brand cannot be truly cruelty-free unless its products are free of animal-derived ingredients.
Vegan Pizza Named One of UK's Best
The Dolphin's vegan pizza places sixth in National Pizza Awards contest in London among meat-centric entrants.
Bankrupt Dairy Queen to Close 30 Locations
The ice cream and fast-food chain struggles to survive in the midst of the explosive plant-based industry.
Dairy Manure Kills 60,000 Fish in Iowa
Iowa's New Vienna dairy farm implicated in the deaths of several species of fish in local creeks.

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