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Newest Stranger Things Star is a Passionate Vegan
Young actress Sadie Sink—known as Mad Max on the new season of Stranger Things—is now vegan thanks to fellow actor Woody Harrelson.
Vegan Cinnamon Roll Shop to Open 70 Canadian Locations
California-based Cinnaholic—a fully customizable vegan cinnamon roll bakery—plans a massive expansion across Canada.
Seinfeld-Inspired Vegan Diner Comes to Glasgow
Vegan eatery Serenity Now will make its own plant-based meats and cheeses, offer daily breakfast, and have absolutely no soup for you.
India Bans Wild-Animal Circuses
The country no longer allows circuses to exploit any animals for entertainment.
Campbell's Soup Commits to Plant-Based Future
The food company joins trade group Plant Based Foods Association to bring more vegan food to consumers.
BCBG Brands Ban Fur and Angora
The company joins a growing list of fashion lines that will no longer use fur in future collections.
Vegan Lewis Hamilton Wins Formula One Championship
The professional race car driver secured his fourth world championship after adopting a plant-based diet in September.
The Economist Launches Vegan Future of Meat Truck
The 174-year-old publication will serve free samples of Beyond Burger in Washington, DC as a statement that the future is meat-free.
Starbucks Launches Vegan-Friendly Zombie Frappuccino
The frightening Frappuccino can easily be made less scary with a plant-based milk swap.
Orange is the New Black Star Laverne Cox Goes Vegan
The actress/LGBTQ activist joins fellow cast members Danielle Brooks and Ruby Rose in adopting a plant-based diet.
Pepsi Exec: Plant Protein Will Spark a Sea of Change
Tim Ingmire believes recent major investments position the plant-based protein industry for explosive growth in the next five to 10 years.
Canada Bans Partially Hydrogenated Oils
All food manufacturers in Canada are now required to eliminate the trans fat-heavy processed ingredient from products by next year.
Vegan Bakery Run by Visually Impaired Workers Debuts
Scandinavian-style vegan shop Carina's Bakery in Beaverton, OR gives visually impaired workers a chance to make an impact.
Vegan Gift-Basket Delivery Debuts in Canada
This holiday season, customers can choose from 14 baskets filled with vegan treats and beauty products.
Vegan Chilaquiles Food Fight Goes Down in LA
Los Angeles chefs will battle to determine who makes the best Mexican hangover food.
Vegan Cheesecake Battle to Hit NYC
Chefs across New York City will come together to present their best plant-based cheesecakes next week at V Spot in the East Village.
Edie Falco Visits Rescued Animals at Farm Sanctuary
The newly vegan actress cuddles with rescued animal residents at Farm Sanctuary's California location, raising awareness that animals are friends, not food.
Dr. Bronner's Donates $600K to Animal-Rights Causes
In addition to supporting advocacy efforts to help animals, this year, Dr. Bronner's purchased a German ship for vegan ocean conservation nonprofit Sea Shepherd.
First Vegan Hand-Pie Specialty Shop Opens in London
Young Vegans land in Camden Market to serve vegan meat- and cheese-stuffed handheld pies with a traditional side of mashed potatoes and gravy.
Danone Invests $60 Million to Expand its Vegan Brands
The dairy conglomerate—now referred to as DanonWave—will dedicate up to $60 million to revamp the Virginia-based facility where its Silk brand produces vegan milk and yogurt.
Two Vegan Politicians Run for Congress in 2018
California's Clifton Roberts and Texas' Robert Mason—both representing the Humane Party—will vie for seats in the Senate and House of Representatives during the 2018 congressional elections.
Vegan Milk Puts a Dent in Western Europe's Dairy Sales
New research shows that people in Western Europe are increasingly purchasing plant-based milks, which is having a negative impact on dairy's profits.
Robbie Williams Says He Has Gone Vegan
The singer says he adopted a mostly plant-based diet to cure a mystery illness that forced him to cancel his summer tour.
Candy Company Debuts Vegan Breast Milk Lollipops
Flavor scientists at vegan brand Lollyphile developed a breast milk lollipop they say will tap into the animalistic instincts of childhood.
Starbucks Debuts Dairy-Free Bottled Frappuccinos
The coffeehouse giant's newest drinks—vanilla and mocha Frappuccinos—are almond milk-based versions of its iconic bottled products.
First Vegan Fried Chicken Shop Expands to Second Spot
London's Temple of Seitan secures new shop in Camden complete with indoor seating.
Whole Foods Debuts Nationwide Vegan Holiday Menu
The all-vegan menu created by chefs at Philadelphia's Vedge restaurant will be available at the grocery giant's hot bars and online on November 1 in honor of World Vegan Day.
Califia Farms CEO Named Top Entrepreneur of 2017
Global investment firm Goldman Sachs named Greg Steltenpohl—the co-founder of fast-growing vegan company Califia Farms—among its top 100 most intriguing entrepreneurs of the year.
Catering Company Adds 100-Dish Vegan Menu
Grazing Catering in London now offers hay-smoked carrots, clay-baked celeriac steak, and vegan fried chicken to meet customer demands for vegan options.
NYC Mayor Institutes Meatless Mondays at 15 Schools
Mayor Bill de Blasio will also serve only vegetarian meals at his residence, Gracie Mansion, at least one day per week.
Lunchables Inventor Starts Plant-Based Meat Company
Rody Hawkins is turning his expertise toward new company Improved Nature to develop plant-based beef, chicken, and pork.
Vegan Jackfruit Café Opens Inside Doughnut Shop
Jackfruit tacos, flautas, wraps, and burritos now available in the new Los Angeles-based shop.
F1 World Racing Champ Credits Vegan Diet for Victory
Lewis Hamilton's new plant-based diet helps the professional car racing champion secure the win at the United States Grand Prix.
Rainn Wilson from The Office Adopts Vegan Diet
The man who played Dwight Schrute—the hunting, beet farming, Battlestar Galactica-loving assistant to regional manager on The Office—now calls himself "The Fifty-Year-Old Vegan."
Impossible Burger Embarks on a 6,000-Mile Road Trip
The company will also host a Meateasy—a 1920s-style speakeasy where guests enter through an unlikely storefront and discuss the past, present, and future of food.
NYC Restaurateur Plans to Open 24-Hour Vegan Diner
Ravi DeRossi announces plans to open vegan diner Doll Face as part of the 12 eateries the vegan restaurateur hopes to open in the next two years.
New York State Bans Elephants in Circuses
Governor Andrew Cuomo signs legislation to outlaw the exploitation of the gentle giants for entertainment across the state of New York.
Unilever Chefs Draft Manifesto with Plant-Based Goals
Worldwide chefs are creating a manifesto that will help restructure global food systems to reduce waste, promote healthier eating, and focus more on plant-based ingredients.
Study Finds Mushrooms are as Filling as Meat
Participants who consumed white button mushrooms twice per day reported feeling fuller and more satiated than those who consumed meat.
Study: Young People Optimistic About a Meat-Free World
A survey of 13,000 people in 14 countries found that living in a world where meat is no longer derived from animals makes them feel positive about the future.
Teenager Opens Vegan Café in England
Purity Petal Café—opened by 19-year-old Maria Rose—becomes the first vegan eatery in the Barnstaple area of North Devon, England.
Green Day and Kat Von D Collaborate on Vegan Eyeliner
Billie Joe Armstrong has teamed with vegan beauty mogul Kat Von D on her upcoming, animal-friendly makeup product.
All-You-Can-Eat Vegan Pizza Night Hits Liverpool
Liverpool's Santa Maluco entices diners with unlimited wood-fired vegan pizzas featuring mock duck, vegan cheese, and Big Mac sauce.
Danone's New Vegan Brands Drive $760M Profit Spike
The $12.5 billion acquisition of WhiteWave—known for its plant-based brands—proves to be a profitable move for the French yogurt brand.
Steakhouse Debuts Vegan Menu to Attract New Diners
Historic New World Inn in Pensacola, Florida will now offer cauliflower steaks, mushroom Reubens, and banana chia-seed pudding at its fine-dining steakhouse restaurant.
Vegan Cupcakes Debut at Starbucks
Select South Florida locations of the major coffeehouse will now stock vegan passionfruit cupcakes courtesy of local vegan bakery Bunnie Cakes.
Escaped Brooklyn Bull Rescued by NJ Sanctuary
A terrified bull became an internet sensation this week after escaping a slaughterhouse and roaming Prospect Park before finding safety at Skylands Animal Sanctuary.
Dietitian-Backed Vegan Support Program Debuts in US
The new nutrition program—developed by registered dietitians—teaches people how to become life-long vegans.
Leonardo DiCaprio Invests in Vegan Brand Beyond Meat
The mega-celebrity puts his money where his mouth is in an effort to advance the future of plant-based meat.
Boston Celtics' Kyrie Irving Adopts Plant-Based Diet
The professional basketball player reveals he is moving away from animal products this season to fuel his performance.

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