Articles written by Aurelia d'Andrea

The World's 10 Best International Vegan Cities
VegNews editors unveil their ranking of the most vegan-friendly international cities—rich with food, fashion, and culture (sans animal products).
Winter Doesn’t Stand a Chance Thanks to These 5 Vegan Skin Products
When bundling up for the outdoors this season, don’t forget to protect your skin, too.
5 Fabulous Vegan Experiences in Paris
The City of Light’s vegan scene is on fire, and we’ve got a hotlist for your next trip.
7 Vegan Sins to Commit in Amsterdam
Let VegNews Travel Editor Aurelia d’Andrea be your guide to Amsterdam’s naughtier plant-based community.
9 Questions with Comedian Myq Kaplan
The vegan funnyman says we made him feel like a rock star.
5 Ways to Pack Your Bag Like a (Vegan) Pro
When it comes to packing for your next vacation, less really is more.
Two Sisters and Their Vegan Weddings
What do you get when you combine two creative sisters, two dashing grooms, and two different but equally vegan weddings?
Vegan Weddings 2016 (Jac Reasor & Jae Russell)
Dating site OKCupid is to thank for this Latin-inspired wedding.
Vegan Weddings 2016 (Alex Payne & Nicole Brodeur)
A trip to Disneyland turned into a lifetime of happiness for this Portland-based couple.
Vegan Weddings 2016 (Malissa Schwartz & Chad Sarno)
Work brought Malissa Schwartz and Chad Sarno together, but it was their love of healthy living that makes them inseparable.
Vegan Weddings 2016
From an art-gallery fiesta to a bucolic celebration at an animal sanctuary, our six couples give the traditional “I do” a contemporary twist.
Vegan Wine and Cheese, Parisian-Style
In the City of Light? Use this handy guide to plan a European vegan wine and cheese party.
7 Veg-Friendly Spas (and Why We Need Them!)
Taking the time to treat yourself to a spa day—or week—is as important as getting your eight hours.
Interview with Animal Philanthropist Josh Hooten
Business guy and grassroots fundraiser Josh Hooten hits the road on two wheels for a good cause.
Vegan in Cambodia
When the winter chill settles into your bones and the call of the tropics beckons, head for sunny Southeast Asia.
Vegan in Paris
Tired of hearing about "turkey day"? Make a beeline for Paris for an unforgettable fall adventure sans Thanksgiving fanfare.
Toxic Mattresses
Are toxic sleeper cells sneaking into your home in your mattress?
Napa’s Vegan-Friendly Restaurant Ubuntu
California's Napa Valley now has a destination restaurant celebrating the seasons.

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