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The Cinnamon Snail Provides Hurricane Relief
The East Coast-based food truck continues to provide free food to Hurricane Sandy-devastated areas.
Majority of US Will Suffer From Heart Disease
New results reveal that heart disease is becoming more common and affects more than half of Americans.
Fur-Free Fashion Competition Reveals Finalists
HSUS-sponsored animal-friendly fashion design competition announces its 2012 regional winners.
High Blood Pressure Hurts Brain Health
A new study reveals a correlation between hypertension and an increase in brain aging.
Obama’s Health Initiative Seeing Positive Results
The first lady’s work on the Let’s Move! campaign is turning children on to produce.
Milwaukee Group Hosts Thanksgiving Veg Feast
Milwaukee Area Resources for Vegetarianism is holding a pre-Thanksgiving vegan event in Shorewood, WI.
Yoga Studio Hopes to Expands to Parklet and Vegan Café
After five years of teaching yoga classes, San Francisco-based Laughing Lotus studio plans its expansion.
NYPD Pizza Makes Vegan Option with Daiya Cheese
New York Pizza Dept. adds dairy- and gluten-free pizzas to the menu for World Vegan Month.
Vegan Cookbook Authors Debut TV Cooking Show
Acclaimed vegan cookbook authors discuss food and recipes on new show airing on KQUED’s Life channel.
Musicians Giving Cover Album Sales to Sanctuary
A tribute record to The Mountain Goats is giving all proceeds to benefit rescued farm animals.
AP Says Veg Thanksgiving Is Just As Traditional
The Associated Press addresses how a turkey-free Thanksgiving dinner can look and feel the same as traditional fare.
Stella McCartney Named Fashion Designer of the Year
Harper’s Bazaar awarded the leather-free fashion guru at the Women of the Year event in London.
Seattle Weekly Lists Top 10 Vegan Restaurants
The best meat- and dairy-free restaurants from the Emerald City are ranked.
Meat and Egg Breakfast Sandwiches Impair Health
Canadian researchers have found fast food breakfast sandwiches to be the culprit of poor blood flow and abnormal blood pressure.
Israeli Activists Tattoo Livestock Numbers on Arms
On World Vegan Day, animal-rights activists in Israel gathered to raise awareness about animal cruelty.
Shape Magazine Lists Top 10 Vegan Products
To celebrate World Vegan Month, Shape magazine names its favorite meat- and dairy-free products.
Hurricane Sandy Animals Receiving Needed Help
Numerous organizations are helping the many animals endangered by the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast natural disaster.
Consuming Legumes Aids in Diabetes Management
A new study found that consumption of chickpeas and lentils helps those managing diabetes.
One-Show Musical Inspired By Vegan Humanitarian
A one-show-only musical debuted in Los Angeles last weekend and featured many famous meat-free faces.
New Animated Short Film About Factory Farming
HSUS and award-wining Aardman Animations’ new film tells the story about a pig’s escape from a factory farm.
Meat Consumption Connected to Asthma and Hayfever
New Australian research shows a link between meat-rich diets and two common illnesses.
Businessweek: Veg Entrepreneurs Increasing
Beyond the vegan food explosion, vegan products, and fashion are on the rise in the United States.
Pennsylvania Bill to Ban Gassing in Shelters
The state bill awaits a signature from Gov. Tom Corbett, which would ban gas chamber animal-euthanization methods.
Los Angeles Bans Non-Rescue Animals in Pet Stores
Los Angeles is taking large steps toward ending puppy mills thanks to new a ordinance affecting pet stores.
Australia Launches Anti-Factory Farming Campaign
Animals Australia has come out with a new way to address factory farming in its latest Make It Possible campaign.
Living Near Livestock Ups Staph Infection Risk
University researchers find that people who live near livestock grounds are more likely to contract antibiotic-resistant staph infections.
Australian Department Stores Ban Retail Fur
The Humane Society International reports that animal fur has been abolished from all Australian department stores.
7 Spectacular Ways to Make a Difference for Animals
Celebrate Make a Difference Day by helping out some critters.
NASA Team Reveals Space Farming System Plans
The space program reveals the greenhouse system expected to be used in a 2030 expedition to Mars.
Large Meat Consumption Leads to Early Puberty
New research suggests that too much animal protein intake results in premature puberty.
Red Meat Consumption Linked to Bladder Cancer
A new study shows a connection between the proteins and iron found in red meat and development of bladder cancer.
PETA Searches for the Most Veg-Friendly Campus
College campuses nationwide are in the running for being considered the most vegan-friendly.
Students Paid to Watch Animal Slaughter Videos
Mercy For Animals is giving one dollar to every person who will watch a video clip of Farm to Fridge.
HuffPo Lists the Best Nutrition Experts to Follow
The online news outlet announces its top 35 diet and nutrition pros who tweet.
Nut Market Booming Alongside Vegetarianism
Consumers are catching on to the health benefits of nuts, with consumption steadily on the rise.
Mick Jagger’s Daughter Poses for Overfishing Campaign
Lizzy Jagger and her mother shed their clothes and pose with fish in efforts to raise awareness about overfishing.
2012’s Most Veg-Friendly NFL Stadiums Announced
PETA has named the best NFL stadiums across the country to find vegetarian grub.
New Raw Vegan Eatery to Open in Houston
Dallas restaurant owner Delia Pisarro plans to open a new meat- and dairy-free vegan café this winter.
Eating Vegetables and Fruit Can Increase Happiness
Recent research out of Great Britain reveals that large servings of fruit and vegetables improve overall well-being.
Alicia Silverstone Asks for Book Contributors
The vegan actress recently took to her blog to find vegan mothers to detail their pregnancy experiences for her upcoming book.
Consumption of Tomatoes Lowers Risk of Stroke
A new study reveals that men with high blood levels of lycopene, an antioxidant found in tomatoes, have a much lower risk of stroke.
Celebrities Share Stories of Mistreated Animals
Farm Sanctuary presents the stories of battered farm animals in a web series narrated by Hollywood stars.
Veg Eatery Seeks Support for Restaurant Equipment
North Carolina food entrepreneurs have only three days left to meet their Kickstarter goal.
Vegan Mac and Cheese Showdown in Los Angeles
LA-based restaurants will compete for the best mac and cheese dish in the city.
Filmmaker Challenges Environmentalists to go Vegan
James Cameron says environmentalists should exclude animal products from their diets.
LA Weekly Calls 2012 Year of Vegan Cookbooks
The popular alternative weekly lists five of the year’s best vegan cookbooks.
Phoenix Welcomes All-Vegan VegCo Market
The plant-based and eco-friendly supermarket will open its doors in early 2013.
New York’s Food Blog Lists Favorite Vegan Eats
New York magazine’s food and restaurant blog lists the best vegan food served in New York.
Steve-O Shares His Dedication Toward Veganism
The former Jackass star reveals his transition and transformation into becoming vegan.
Most Infectious Diseases Come From Animals
Report: New research shows that roughly 75 percent of infectious diseases originate from animals.

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