Articles written by Mari Fujii

Eggplant Soup
This warm, relaxing soup gets a hint of heartiness from rich sesame oil.
Taro Dumplings
Remix mashed potatoes with tender taro root for a fresh twist on the classic dish.
Spinach and Arugula Salad
Usu-age tofu is sold in ready-made, deep-fried slices. Roasted usu-age pieces and almonds add a crunchy texture to this spicy, colorful dish.
Seaweed Stock
Konbu stock, made from konbu seaweed, is one of the most commonly used in temple cuisine and is easy to make. Ready-made vegan stock (also known as vegan dashi) can also be found in Asian supermarkets and natural food stores.
Super Easy Vegan Soup
Sesame oil gives this light, warming soup an extra layer of homey flavor.

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