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Blossom Du Jour Flagship Moves Location in NYC
NYC’s Blossom Du Jour flagship is moving to a new location.
Ikea Almond Cake Found to Contain Fecal Bacteria
Dessert sold at Ikea contained bacteria that is also found in fecal matter.
Mislabeled Meat in South Africa Widens Scandal
South Africa is the latest country to reveal mislabeled food products in what has become an international scandal.
Portland to Welcome a new Cruelty-Free Bakery
Petunia’s Pies and Pastries is set to open in Portland, OR.
Ricky Martin Recently Went Veg and Feels Amazing
Singer Ricky Martin stopped eating meat seven weeks ago.
You Can Design This Year’s Vida Vegan Con T-Shirt
Share your creativity by designing the Vida Vegan Con t-shirt.
Alicia Silverstone Set to Star in Lifetime Drama
Animal rights activist and actress Alicia Silverstone will play a human resources director in a new TV show.
Veg Diet: 30 Percent Fewer Greenhouse Emissions
Loma Linda University found vegan and vegetarian diets have a 30-percent smaller environmental footprint than omnivores’.
Proposal Requires Listing Antibiotics on Meat
A bill in Maryland would require meat labels to list which antibiotics were fed to the animals.
10 Beagles are Rescued from Animal Testing Lab
Beagle Freedom Project rescued 10 beagles that were previously used for animal testing.
Diets Rich in Nuts and Olive Oil Lower Stroke Risk
A plant-based Mediterranean-style diet, heavy in nuts and olive oil, reduces risk of stroke.
Horsemeat Scandal Creates More Veg Consumers
UK supermarkets are seeing veg options fly off the shelves as people seek alternatives to meat.
Major Food Suppliers Practice Poor Animal Welfare
Walmart, Nestlé, and Starbucks have not incorporated animal welfare standards into their business agendas.
New Study Reveals Mislabeling in Fish Industry
An ocean-protection group finds that mislabeling is rampant in the fish industry.
New Vegetarian Café Opens its Doors in Orange, CA
Residents of the southern California town enjoy meatless fare from the new Mead’s Green Door Cafe.
Raw Chef to Emcee Third Annual NYC Veg Festival
Raw food vegan and motivational speaker Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram will emcee NYC’s Vegetarian Food Festival.
UN Study Details Environmental Need for Less Meat
A new study by the UN calls for a reduction in US and European meat consumption to curb environmental damage.
Staples Center to Offer Veg Menus for Morrissey
The Staples Center will create meat-free menus for Morrissey fans during his upcoming show.
Vegan Diet Leads to Weight Loss for Boy George
Boy George posts pictures of a much slimmer and healthier self.
Chef Chloe Coscarelli Featured on the Today Show
Vegan chef Chloe Coscarelli debuts three decadent chocolate desserts on the Today show.
Vegetables May Lower Risk for Breast Cancer
A new study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute links higher vegetable consumption to lower risk for estrogen receptor-negative breast cancer.
13 Instagram Accounts We Can’t Get Enough Of
These awesome Instagram accounts feature some of our favorite things, including doughnuts and puppies.
Salmonella Outbreak is Linked to a Poultry Farm
A recent outbreak of salmonella in Oregon and Washington has been traced back to Foster Farms Chicken.
Actor Kevin Bacon and His Wife Enjoy Vegan Fare
Kevin Bacon and his wife Kyra Sedgwick dined at Peacefood Cafe, a plant-based eatery in New York City, for Valentine’s Day.
The Chicago Diner Celebrates 30-Year Anniversary
The Chicago Diner has brought 30 years of vegetarian dining to the Windy City.
Alicia Silverstone Offers Up Veg Dating Advice
Long-time vegan actress Alicia Silverstone shares her thoughts and experiences on vegan dating.
Bioprinting Could Mean Meat Without Slaughter
Bioprinting, or the combination of tissue engineering and 3D printing, has been used to create lab-grown meat.
US Meat Industry Might Shut Down for Two Weeks
Proposed fiscal cliff-related spending cuts may lead to the meat industry shutting down for weeks.
80 Percent of US Antibiotics Sales Go Toward Meat
Pew Campaign on Human Health and Industrial Farming recently released information showing that 80 percent of antibiotics sales in the US go toward animal use in the meat industry.
Veg Restaurant Fiction Kitchen Opens in Raleigh
Fiction Kitchen, a meat-free restaurant in Raleigh, NC, is now open for business.
Meaty, Fried Southern Diets Up Risks of Stroke
A new study out of the University of Alabama shows that traditional meat and fried food-filled Southern diets increase the risk of strokes.
Horsemeat is Found in More UK Frozen Beef Products
Horsemeat continues to find its way into UK supermarkets with frozen Beef Lasagna meals from Findus Group testing at 60 to 100 percent equine meat.
Al Gore Requests Vegan Meal for St. Louis Visit
Former Vice President Al Gore and his staff are visiting St. Louis County Library Headquarters today and have requested a vegan, nut- and oil-free dinner.
Michigan Vegan Food Cart to Become Restaurant
Vegan eatery The Lunch Room will open a brick-and-mortar location in Ann Arbor’s Kerrytown.
Serious Eats Staffers: We’re Going to Go Vegan!
The chief creative officer and managing editor of foodie website Serious Eats are going vegan for the month.
Vegan Fast Food Drive-Through Coming to Memphis
In 2012, Memphis had the largest obese population; locals say a healthy veg-friendly grab-and-go option is just what the city needs.
Veganism is on the Rise for Companion Animals
In response to the growing vegan trend in Toronto, one veterinarian says dogs can also benefit from a plant-based diet.
Vegan Cooking is Featured on NBC’s Today Show
Annie and Dan of vegan blog Meet The Shannons showed Kathie Lee how easy it is to prepare cruelty-free fare on the Today show.
DC Celebrates Fourth-Annual DC Meat-Free Week
This week marks the fourth year for the citywide celebration of vegan food.
Athlete Amar’e Stoudemire Goes Plant-Based for Health
The New York Knicks star has been vegan for three months, citing health as his reason for going meat-free.
UK Burger Kings Admit to Contaminated Burgers
After weeks of denial, UK’s Burger King concedes its supplier’s meat contains horse DNA.
Casey Affleck Calls for an End to Animal Cruelty
Vegan actor Casey Affleck pens a letter to members of the Massachusetts Legislature calling for an end to battery cages, and gestation and veal crates.
EU Ban on Animal Testing in Cosmetics Date Set
The European Union will begin enforcing the ban on animal testing in cosmetics starting on March 11, 2013.
Australia’s First Vegetarian Butcher is a Hit
Vegetarian butcher shops debuted in Europe in 2011, and now Spoon’s Vegetarian Butcher marks the first one down under.
Reader’s Digest Lists 11 Reasons to Go Vegan
Health, the environment, and the growing trend of going veg are among the reasons Reader’s Digest says veganism isn’t a fringe diet.
Vegan Chef Featured on ABC’s New Show The Taste
Last night, vegan chef Dayna Mcleod auditioned for a spot on ABC’s new primetime cooking show The Taste.
Vegan Chain Veggie Grill to Add More Restaurants
Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, and Seattle are among the cities included in Veggie Grill’s expansion plan.
Berkeley Vegan Earth Day: Call for Speakers
Berkeley’s third annual Vegan Earth Day celebration is accepting applications for event speakers.
Vegan Sweets Featured in San Diego Union Tribune
Whole grain ganache-topped pistachio brownies are among the decadent sweets featured in San Diego’s newspaper, San Diego Union Tribute.
Belgian Designer Premieres New Vegan Shoe Line
Eco-friendly, cruelty-free shoes are spotlighted in Mats Rombaut’s Autumn Winter 2013-14 shoe line.

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