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Farm Sanctuary to Honor Morrissey and Jon Stewart at Gala
The animal protection organization celebrates compassionate celebrities, among others, at its New York City gala in October.
Salmon Struggle to Survive Amid Drought
Rising water temperatures in the Pacific Northwest put a strain on the fish population.
Tyson Foods’ Stock Shares Fall 11 Percent
The largest meat processor in the United States faced its slowest sales growth in nine years.
Jane Birkin: I Don't Want My Name on Your Crocodile Purse
The British actress and singer asked to have her name removed from iconic Hermes bag after PETA investigation.
Asia Gets First Plant-Based Culinary Academy
American chef Matthew Kenney helped open the innovative vegan cooking school at a Thai resort.
1.7 Million Pounds of Chicken Recalled
US Department of Agriculture warns that Barber Foods’ frozen chicken may have salmonella contamination.
Research: Fish Oil Pills Reveal No Benefit
Scientists say fish-based, omega-3 supplements are not beneficial or necessary.
Mercy For Animals Files Lawsuit Against "Humane" Group
The animal-rights group asserts the American Humane Association deceives consumers through false advertising.
Doctors Group Recommends Vegan Diet in India
The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine toured India touting the health benefits of plant-based fare.
Vegan Athlete Breaks Appalachian Trail Record
Ultramarathoner Scott Jurek becomes the fastest person to ever complete the hike.
Study: Americans Don't Eat Enough Fruit and Vegetables
Government report shows the majority of citizens don't meet the proposed daily amount of fruit and veggies.
HUGO BOSS Adopts Fur-Free Policy
Luxury giant releases a new animal-welfare policy as part of its sustainability report.
Vegan Beer Festival Coming to Portland, OR
Los Angeles Vegan Beer & Food Festival migrates north with tickets on sale today.
PETA Files Lawsuit Against State of California
The animal-rights group says one third of chickens are conscious during slaughter.
US Government Aims to Limit Overuse of Antibiotics in Animals
The White House will stop serving meat with hormones or antibiotics as a symbol of the new initiative.
Superbug Found in British Supermarket Pork
Bug strain has become endemic on pig farms across Europe due to overuse of antibiotics.
Australian Group Releases Veggie-Heavy Food Pyramid
The new nutritional graphic features plant-based foods like tofu and soymilk.
How One Man Survived Mount Everest and the Nepalese Earthquake
As Kuntal Joisher attempted to become the first vegan to climb the world's highest peak, a 7.8 earthquake tore through Nepal. Here's his story.
Animal Abuses Found at Foster Farms’ “Humane” Facilities
A new set of footage released this week shows baby chicks being suffocated or ground up alive.
US Bill Introduced to End Animal-Testing for Cosmetics
New legislation would require companies to phase out cosmetic testing in the United States within a year.
Veganism is Sweeping the City, Says the The Moscow Times
Russian capital has seen an increase in vegan options, restaurants, and markets.
First-Ever Vegetarian Bunny Café to Open in Australia
The continent's first bunny café is opening in Melbourne.
Avocados Contribute to Treatment for Leukemia
A vegan staple might be the key to combating cancer.
McDonald’s to Close 700 Locations Worldwide
For the first time in 45 years, the fast-food giant plans to close more restaurants than it’s opening.
Subway Now Offers Vegan Menu at 1,000 Locations
Vegan options are now available in California, Connecticut, Florida, and Washington, DC.
Youth Camp Features All-Vegan Menu and Activism Workshops
Young adults interested in promoting social change can learn more in California, Oregon, or New York.
Canada’s Largest Dairy Producer Issues Animal Welfare Policy
Saputo announces a “zero tolerance” policy toward animal cruelty—effective immediately.
Shareholders Urge Tesla Motors to Go Vegan
At a stockholder meeting this week, shareholders encourage car company to become world's first cruelty-free luxury automobile brand.
Parent Company of Silk and So Delicious Acquires Vega
WhiteWave partners with vegan nutrition business
North America's First Vegan Cat Café Opens in Montreal
Canada welcomes café with vegan eats and furry friends.
World’s Largest Meat Producer to Eliminate Gestation Crates
Brazilian company pledges to eliminate crates that confine sows during pregnancy.
Beyoncé Reveals Her Veganism on Good Morning America
The star praises the health benefits of a vegan diet on national television.
North Carolina Passes Ag-Gag Bill Despite Governor Veto
Despite a veto by the state's governor, the bill was passed by the general assembly.
World’s Largest Meat Producer to Eliminate Gestation Crates
Brazilian company pledges to eliminate crates that confine sows during pregnancy.
PETA Files False-Advertising Complaint Against Whole Foods
The animal-rights group asserts that the grocer’s “humane meat” isn’t so humane after all.
FDA: 25 Percent of “Vegan” Chocolate Bars Contain Milk
Despite not being listed as an ingredient, milk might be hiding in your favorite dark chocolate bar.

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