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New Vegan Oreo Flavor Announced
Most popular cookie in the world will get a facelift with its new cinnamon-bun flavor.
Study Finds Fur Potentially Toxic to Children
PETA UK is calling on the government to ban the carcinogen-laden garments.
Trader Joe’s to Issue Salmonella Warning for Cashew Nuts
Stores in 30 states are carrying cashews possibly contaminated with salmonella.
Popular UK Band Offers Limited Edition Vegan Burger
Award-winning metalcore band Bring Me the Horizon has created its own plant-based barbecue rib-topped double cheeseburger to be sold in the UK.
Meat Producers Threaten Legal Action Over Vegans ’ Parody
An Australia Day ad aimed to pump up lamb consumption gained international mainstream attention after depicting vegans. Now a response video from an animal-rights group has meat producers fuming.
10-Year Study Shows Plant-Based Diet Slashes Cancer Risk
A study of more than 26,000 participants has researchers interested in the long-term benefits of a vegan diet.
Tesla Motors Now Offering Premium Vegan SUV
Luxury automobile brand is introducing an option for buyers to craft their very own custom vegan car.
Campaign Launched to Save Disabled Bull’s Home
Crowdfunding campaign started to save sanctuary and its most famous resident.
Popular News Site Gives Top Reasons to Ditch Dairy
Metro attributes going dairy-free to better skin, improved digestion, and lower risk of cancers.
New Vegan Fast-Food Concept to Open in San Diego
The minds behind Evolution Fast Food are bringing even more quick vegan options to San Diegans.
First Freezer-Free Vegan Ice Cream Shop Opens in Australia
Liquid nitrogen-frozen white chocolate ‘space shakes’ with vegan marshmallows and caramel hot fudge now available in the Land Down Under.
Circus Elephants to Retire Nearly Two Years Early
Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus announces that its 2018 elephant retirement deadline is moving up to May 2016.
Top 14 Greatest Vegan Cartoon Characters Ever
Extensive research (aka, watching a lot of cartoons) has led us to believe many of our favorite animated characters are vegan. Or should be.
Mother and Daughter Owners of NH’s Only Two Vegan Eateries
The past and future of vegan dining in New Hampshire can be traced to one family who works to bring plant-based food to the state.
Gasoline Chain Apologizes for Ground Feathers in Vegan Pies
A non-vegan ingredient in one of the chain’s only vegan options was removed after being exposed on Facebook.
Moby to Donate 100 Percent of Restaurant Profits to Charity
Music mogul’s new vegan restaurant Little Pine will give all of its profits to ethical charities.
London’s First Vegan Alcohol-Free Bar Opens
Successful pop-up-turned bar is wowing patrons with cruelty- and alcohol-free fare.
The Vegan Barista’s Guide to Healthy Starbucks Drinks
Keep your resolution this new year with these hacks for better-for-you Starbucks options.
Nestlé Admits to Using Slave Labor in its Cat Food
Juvenile labor, degrading living environments, debt bondage, and inadequate means of communication were among the violations uncovered in an independent investigation.
Vegan Fruit Bars Launched into Outer Space
Vegan food company is now the maker of the most popular fruit bar (not) on earth.
Study: Grass-fed Beef is Destroying the Environment
Popular belief among meat-eaters that grass-fed is superior to conventional meat is being called into question.
Delta Airlines to Scrap Animal-as-Cargo Policy
After a rash of deaths and animals gone missing, the airline will no longer accept companion animals as cargo.
New Vegan “Super Condom” Could Help Eradicate HIV
A team of Texas A&M scientists say their $1 plant-based contraception could change the face of disease prevention in 2016.
Top Plant-Based Health Stories of 2015 Revealed
Leading vegan health organization compiled its top content of the year.
Matthew Kenney to Open Upscale Vegan Pizza Concept in NYC
Acclaimed vegan chef bringing traditional pizzas with a plant-based twist to the East Village early next year.
Just Mayo Wins Big Against US Government
Hampton Creek has won the right to market its popular egg-less mayonnaise as "mayo," a decision the company says is a first step in fixing a broken food system.
Earth Balance Purchased by Gardein Parent Company
The same corporation that bought Gardein in 2014 is acquiring Earth Balance, EVOL, and Udi’s Gluten Free.
Victoria’s Secret Models’ Vegan Meal Plan Revealed
Business Insider reveals what's Victoria's Secret models eat while shooting annual fashion show.
San Francisco Tech Startup Tackles Vegan Shrimp
New Wave Foods hopes a revolutionary algae-based shrimp will ease an increasingly unviable demand for seafood.
New York Times Spotlights Artisan Tofu Company
The newspaper calls Oakland-based Hodo Soy makers of "the trendiest tofu."
Eugene, OR Mayor Declares 2016 Vegan Awareness Year
Increased collaboration between city leaders and vegan organizations will be the city’s focus thanks to Mayor Catherine “Kitty” Piercy.
First-ever Raw Vegan Cruise to Sail Adriatic Sea
Week-long cruise to feature holistic workshops, sight-seeing, and gourmet raw vegan food.
Popular Vegan Food Truck Opens First Storefront
Portland, OR-based Homegrown Smoker now selling mac 'n' cheese-stuffed burritos and nori-battered fish 'n' chips at its new brick-and-mortar location.
Judge Clears Trader Joe’s of Soy Milk Mislabeling Charges
In a class action lawsuit, court finds Trader Joe's not guilty of misrepresenting soy milk to consumers.
Third By Chloe Restaurant Planned for 2016 Opening
Before the second location has opened its doors, the vegan chef dominating mainstream media has revealed plans for further more expansion.
Dairy-Free Milk Co. Receives Top Award for Packaging
Almond milk manufacturer Califia Farms honored for its unique and attractive bottles.
Bacon and Sausage Sales Fall By $4.4 Million in the UK
Processed meats have taken a big hit in the United Kingdom, as Brits take heed of the World Health Organization’s recent report.
The Vegan Barista’s Guide to Starbucks Holiday Drinks
Vanilla soy chestnut-praline lattes, coconut milk gingerbread lattes, and spicy-sweet Mexican hot chocolates are just a few of our 11 favorite drinks on the Starbucks holiday menu.
New Study Proves Fish Can Show Emotion, Stress
While some dispute the sentience of fish, researchers discovered they are capable of displaying “emotional fever,” providing more proof that fish are conscious creatures.
Yahoo! Reveals Top Thanksgiving Trends
Millennials enjoy meatless dishes but don’t like cranberry sauce.
11 Best Vegan Thanksgiving Instagram Posts
From quinoa stuffing to pumpkin pie smoothies, we’ve rounded up the most like-worthy Thanksgiving posts on Instagram.
Toy CEO Offers SeaWorld $1 Million to Free Orca
Baby product company Munchkin wants to establish an orca sanctuary for SeaWorld’s Tilikum and other whales.
US Coffee Shops: Soymilk Out—Pecan, Hazelnut Milk In
Popular website says coffee shops around the country are switching to an array of non-dairy milks not made from soy.
Silk, So Delicious Help WhiteWave Earn $1 Billion
Sales of the consumer goods giant’s plant-based options rose 41 percent in the last quarter.
First Vegan Fish and Chips Shop Opens in Sydney
Bliss and Chips has been open less than a week and is already stunning diners with everything from battered vegan shrimp to potato scallops.
Top Restaurant Goes Dairy-Free Without Diners Noticing
The restaurant, located in one of London’s finest luxury hotels, ditched dairy and gluten months ago.
Christie Brinkley Touts Vegan Diet as Her Secret to Youth
The 61-year-old model/actress also says she’s “addicted” to vegan ice cream.
Walmart Surpasses Whole Foods as #1 Seller of Just Mayo
The retail giant started carrying Just Mayo late last year to much consumer excitement.
5 Ways to Veganize Desserts for Diwali
Celebrate the Hindu festival of light with dairy-free versions of some of India’s favorite sweet treats.
Government Sued For Letting Nestlé Bottle Water During Drought
Environmental groups allege that Nestlé has been illegally siphoning water from a fragile California forest for the past 27 years.

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