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Chipotle’s Vegan Sofritas Now Served in All of CA
Following the success of the tofu-based option in Northern California, Chipotle patrons in the southern part of the Golden State will also be able to indulge in sofritas.
German Cookbook Author Conducts Fitness Challenge
Television personality and acclaimed cookbook author Attila Hildmann encourages healthy lifestyle choices through his fitness regimens.
Study Shows Vegetarians May Outlive Omnivores
After analyzing more than five years of data on 70,000 subjects, researchers conclude that abstaining from meat may be beneficial for longevity.
NC Newspaper Calls Out Local Senator for Ag-Gag
Southern news source The Fayetteville Observer condemned a North Carolina politician and town resident for sponsoring the NC Commerce Protection Act of 2013.
University Stops Using Cats for Medical Training
PETA’s five-year campaign to end Washington University’s use of felines in its medical courses is successful.
Father and Son Produce Leather via Bioprinting
Start-up company Modern Meadow shows that three-dimensional printing may be the way of the future for the fashion industry.
Tesco to Carry Dee’s Wholefoods Vegan Sausage
The giant UK grocery chain will now sell a line of GMO- and meat-free sausage from Dee’s Wholefoods.
Morrisey Calls Out Kate Middleton for Foie Gras
Whether it’s a royal pregnant duchess or a UK department store, Morrissey makes no reservations about scorning those who indulge in foie gras.
Hollywood Reporter Notes Influence of Vegan Chef
Tal Ronnen has been recognized by a popular celebrity news source for his plant-based prowess, which has made him a favorite among the Hollywood crowd.
Top Vegan Chefs Host Hollywood Pop-Up Restaurant
Top veg chefs from both coasts will collaborate for a three-day, pop-up vegan eatery in Hollywood in June.
Slaughterhouse Health Violations Go Unpunished
Hundreds of pig processing plants face no reprisal for thousands of violations that included cockroaches on the killing floor and feces on the meat.
Endangered Whale Meat Used in Japanese Dog Food
While Iceland has been selling whale meat to Japan since 2008, recent findings suggest that it may not be just for human consumption.
Government Grant Gives Idaho Students Exotic Fruit
In an effort to introduce pupils to healthier snack options, the USDA is letting students in Idaho sample dragon fruit, mangosteen, and other exotic fruits.
Greek Yogurt Causes Acidic Waste Product Dilemma
Some estimates report that last year the Northeast alone produced 150 million gallons of acid whey, which experts are not sure what to do with.
Denver Vegan Baked Goods Company Gets a Storefront
Customers can enjoy a doughnut on the go or a savory snack from Beet Box’s new retail location in the San Raphael neighborhood.
Mayim Bialik Defends Vegan Nursing on Facebook
A two-year-old story involving the death of a baby and a vegan mother has caused Mayim Bailik to address the controversy on Facebook.
Austin, TX Named Most Veg-Friendly City in US
In addition to being known as the nation’s live music capital, Austin has garnered a reputation as a mecca of plant-based foods.
Tropical Smoothie Café Will Offer Beyond Meat
Customers can now enjoy a sandwich or salad filled with plant-based meat at one of the national smoothie chain’s 300 locations.
PETA Uses CGI to Show the Suffering of Film Apes
The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals personifies the plight of apes used in Hollywood productions in its new advertisement.
VegSwap Allows Backyard Farmers to Trade Produce
The online network will will work to end food waste by enabling UK residents with green thumbs to share the fruits of their labors.
Rehoboth Beach VegFest Set to Take Place June 1
Delaware-area residents will be able to sample fare from veg vendors and listen to veganism’s leading advocates at this free event.
Factory Farm Manure May Be Causing Explosions
The toxic manure from animals develops a foam that is highly explosive and has led to the death of more than 1,000 pigs.
Dun-Well Doughnuts Entered in Business Competition
The New York doughnut shop’s cruelty-free confections have put it in the running for OpenSky’s Breakthrough Award.
Chicago’s Vegan Eatery Kitchen 17 Recently Opened
Chicago residents can enjoy a diverse array of cruelty-free dishes made from scratch by chef Don Clements at his Lakeview neighborhood eatery.
Rally at the Capitol to Prevent Horse Slaughter
There was an outpouring of support for the SAFE Act, which will protect horses from being killed for human consumption.
De Rossi Shares Recipe For Ellen’s Favorite Dish
Veganism’s renowned celebrity couple enjoys cooking Roberto Martin’s Red Beans and Rice on their farm.
New Jersey Legislature Passes Gestation Crate Ban
A bill outlawing the use of confining cages on Garden State farms awaits Governor Chris Christie’s signature.
E! Proclaims Jackfruit the New Hot Veg Substitute
Weighing up to 110 pounds and sporting a thick, bristly exterior, the jackfruit is a healthy addition to plant-based cuisine.
High Levels of Arsenic Discovered in Chicken Meat
Roxarsone is one of the many drugs administered to chickens that contain inorganic arsenic, a chemical linked to lung, bladder, and skin cancer.
TN Attorney General Calls Ag-Gag Into Question
As Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam is faced with the decision whether to veto or sign the proposed bill, the opposition gets support of the state attorney general.
Tyson Foods Sees 43 Percent Fall in Net Income
The major meat purveyor faced a significant profit loss during its second quarter due to rising feed prices and dwindling demand.
Vegan Confectionary Boutique Recognized on Zagat
OCD’s unique and sweet treats get online recognition for their artisan-inspired originality and cruelty-free delectableness.
NY Legislation Aims to End the Shark Fin Trade
The shark fin industry is facing mounting opposition in the US for its cruel and painful tactics as well as its devastating effects on the ocean ecosystem.
Beyond Meat Has Its Sights Set on the Deli Counter
The up-and-coming faux meat company plans to cater to a consumer-base that has a “cultural love affair with meat.”
Celebrity Hosts and Celebrity Chefs at Veg Appetit
Rub shoulders with vegan celebrities and enjoy fare prepared chef-to-the stars Tal Ronnen while helping a charity.
Tiger, Cougars, and Bobcats Abandoned in Kansas
A Kansas resident is charged with animal cruelty for leaving nearly 10 different wildcats in their cages without food or water.
PA Senator Makes Changes to Proposed Ag-Gag Bill
Instead of outlawing factory farm investigations, augmented Pennsylvania legislature makes showing footage to the public illegal.
Trader Joe’s Urged to Stop Selling Antibiotic Meat
A Consumer Reports subsidiary uses Los Angeles Times ad space to fight against factory farm practices in which animals are regularly administered antibiotics.
50 Years Young: The Enduring Vitality of Vegans
For many vegans, age does not mean illness, but an opportunity to run more marathons, write books, and live a richer life.
Poultry Plant Chemicals Linked to Health Concerns
The antimicrobial spray used on poultry may be the responsible for the death and illness of plant workers.
HSUS Undercover Investigation Wins a Webby Award
In a time of murky food industry transparency, the Webby Awards shows the necessity for undercover factory-farm investigations.
First Charges Under Ag-Gag Legislation Dropped
Even though Utah passed a bill criminalizing the filming of factory farms, the public and media still voice their disapproval.
Canadian Grocery Stores Phase Out Gestation Crates
Major Canadian grocery retailers such as Walmart and Safeway will stop purchasing meat from sources that use gestation crates by 2022.
HSUS Aims to Protect European Union’s Seal Ban
The Humane Society will use footage from the Canadian seal hunt to persuade the World Trade Organization to allow the EU to continue its ban.
Paste Features Eight Veg Artists’ Favorite Recipes
Art and culture magazine Paste asks eight notable vegan actors and musicians about their go-to cruelty-free dishes.
5 Next-Generation Vegan Cheese Brands
Melt it, spread it, eat it, love it—here are five new drool-worthy vegan cheeses to hit the market this year.
De Rossi Credits Youthful Appearance to Veganism
The famed actress was recently dubbed one of 2013’s most beautiful people, an accolade she attributes to her six years of cruelty-free eating.
TN Governor Flooded With Anti-Ag-Gag Phone Calls
The fate of Tennessee factory farm investigations will be decided on by Governor Haslam, and thousands of people voice their support for animal welfare.
New Bill Will Improve Treatment of Egg-Laying Hens
A statute supported by Republicans and Democrats across the country will give hens more living space and increase industry transparency.
55 Percent of United Kingdom May Be Vegan by 2020
Vegfest UK Predicts that more than half the population across the pond will turn to a cruelty-free lifestyle in less than 10 years.

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