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55 Percent of United Kingdom May Be Vegan by 2020
Vegfest UK Predicts that more than half the population across the pond will turn to a cruelty-free lifestyle in less than 10 years.
HSUS President Talks Ag-Gag With Ellen DeGeneres
Wayne Pacelle of HSUS urged viewers to fight back against animal cruelty by opposing laws that criminalize factory farm investigations.
Chicken and Beef Are the Riskiest Meats to Eat
The levels of E coli and salmonella in chicken and beef make them likely sources of food-borne illnesses.
Running Blogger Goes Vegan to Improve Performance
Following in the footsteps of other athletes and celebrities, an online writer tries to go completely plant-based to improve her next marathon performance.
Replacing Meat With Mushrooms Benefits Weight Loss
Yearlong research funded by the Mushroom Council demonstrates that those looking to lose weight should lose meat and add fungi.
Today Show Website Gives Vegan Earth Day Advice
Merida Anderson gives tips on how to cook simple and delicious plant-based meals that Mother Nature will appreciate.
Britain Bans Wild Animals in Traveling Circuses
Tigers, elephants, and other wild animals will no longer be attractions in traveling circuses across the pond.
Carrie Underwood Opposes Tennessee Ag-Gag Bill
The country music starlet takes to Twitter to warn the TN governor that he will answer to her if he passes the ag-gag bill.
Students Bring Vegan Dessert Truck to Las Vegas
A college class places a $50,000 bet on a mobile vegan business venture that will serve frozen treats to the desert city’s residents.
Danish Cruise Ship Serves Passengers Whale Blubber
Passengers of a cruise liner bound for the Faroe Islands were fed illegal whale blubber containing toxins.
Federal Report Reveals Resistant Bacteria in Meat
Agribusiness’ rampant use of antibiotics used to keep farm animals alive has ushered in drug-resistant bacteria.
Champion Boxer Teaches Children About Veganism
Omowale Adewale steps outside the ring to fight for children, by teaching them the merits of healthful eating and boxing.
Kickstarter Campaign for Vegan Children’s Book
Children’sBook Dave Loves Chickens is a fun and educational way to show kids that animals are not meant to be eaten.
M.A.K.E. Gets Nod of Approval From LA Food Critic
LA Times’ Jonothan Gold is part of the growing list of food critics who consider vegan cuisine a contender in the restaurant arena.
The Federal Budget in ‘14 Favors Furry Friends
The recently unveiled budget for next year includes several measures that will benefit chimps, horses, and dogs.
Article Advises Farms On How to Avoid Activists
Agribusiness publication Farm Futures aims to stop undercover investigations by helping farms catch activists during the hiring process.
Tickets for Fine Dining Vegan Pop-Up Now Available
Vegan foodies can dine in style at NYC’s Old Bowery Station with plates prepared by Jay Astafa of the 3 Brothers Pizza Cafe.
Athletes Turn to Veganism to Enhance Performance
In a recent news segment, ABC shows that the playing field may be more than level for athletes who get their nutrients from a plant-based diet.
The Fifth Annual US VegWeek is Only Weeks Away
Cooking demos, bake sales, and restaurant specials are some of the things that Americans have to look forward to throughout meat-free week in April.
Kale May Be the Best Bet for Calcium Consumption
Plants over pills—The New York Times notes that in an age of osteoporosis, supplement are no substitutes for calcium-rich foods like kale and tofu.
NYT Contributor Proposes Webcams in Factory Farms
Jedediah Purdy notes that government sanctioned live video feeds are a good alternative to undercover investigations.
NYT Pens Exposé on Animal Abuse and Ag-Gag Bills
The newspaper’s recent coverage of the proposed ag-gag legislature shows that consumer transparency and animal abuse are issues still up for debate.
Mike Tyson Credits Improved Lifestyle to Veganism
The heavyweight champion was plagued with vices and emotional instability, but he seems to have taken a turn for the better with the help of veganism.
Meat Consumption in America is on the Decline
From backyard barbecues to sporting events, Americans have always had an affinity for meat, but a news source shows that that may change.
Show Predicts Bio-Printing is the Future of Meat
BBC’s News 2050 envisions a world where slaughtering animals for food is outlawed.
Google Analytics Show Rising Interest in Veganism
Celebrity diets, health concerns, and the recent horsemeat scandal have all contributed to veganism’s burgeoning public appeal.
Runner’s World Interviews Farm Sanctuary President
Co-founder and president of Farm Sanctuary Gene Baur talks about the serious strides he’s taken for animal welfare and his love for running.
Chicago’s Wrigley Field Caters to Meat-Free Fans
The crack of the bat will be accompanied by the crunch of the carrot as Wrigley Field introduces veg-friendly fare.
Major Poultry Producer Lies About Animal Treatment
Perdue is facing a lawsuit after attempting to cash in on consumer interest in animal welfare be falsely labeling their poultry as “humane.”
New Veg Fast Food Joint in NYC Financial District
Former Candle 79 managers bring fast and affordable comfort food classics to the busy streets of New York City.
Major Newspapers Call Nonsense on Ag-Gag Bills
From Los Angeles to Indiana, mainstream newspapers are standing by the people’s right to know their food's origin.
Burger King Launches New Vegan Horsemeat Patty in UK
The fast food chain capitalizes on the recent ingredient debacle with a veganized horse burger that has the public saying, “Yay!” and neigh.
Animals Give Humans Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria
Recent findings show that strands of bacteria immune to modern medicine can be transmitted from farm animals to humans.
NPR Writes About Extremism in Veganism Movement
Animal-welfare activists note that getting people involved with veganism is more important than adhering to strict consumption standards.
Tenn. Residents Speak Out Against Animal Fighting
To improve their community and the welfare of animals, Tennesseans gathered at the capitol to support stricter animal-fighting laws.
Celeb. Chef Brian Malarkey Defends Canadian Seals
Thousands of chefs have come together in a mass boycott with the HSUS to end the slaughter of baby seals in Canada.
Florida Students Push for a Vegan Dining Hall
With the help of Peta2, University of Florida attendees have gathered 600 signatures in support of an on-campus, cruelty-free cafeteria.
Horse DNA Discovered in Greek Chicken Nuggets
The horsemeat scandal continues to spread throughout Europe as Greek authorities find horse DNA in a slew of frozen foods.
College Senior Creates Veg-Friendly Lipstick Line
Lip Conscious is the product of a fashion-savvy college co-ed’s entrepreneurial aspirations and cruelty-free ethics.
Video Reveals Abuse in Australian Slaughterhouse
Employees of an Inghams turkey facility were caught on tape torturing animals on more than 130 different occasions.
New York Times Gets the Scoop on Vegan Passover
The newspaper examines meat- and dairy-free options for the Jewish holiday.
NJ One Step Closer to Gestation Crate Elimination
Nine states have already made gestation crates illegal, and pending the approval of the state senate and governor, New Jersey may be the 10th.
ABC Spotlights Undercover Farm Investigations
The major news network does an exposé on factory-farm probes and the ag-gag legislature that makes them illegal.
VT Man Caught Falsely Labeling Meat as Free-Range
After losing his flock to a flood, a farmer marketed chickens he purchased from a third party as free range and organic.
Illegal Lamb Meat Caught Being Imported to France
The same French food processor that supplied the country with Romanian equine meat, has imported illegal lamb.
Veganism Makes a Big Difference in a Small Town
Dublin, OH tips the scales in the right direction by implementing vegan diets and cooking classes in their employee wellness program.
Washington Post Immortalizes “Fox Guy” in Ink
Although the eccentric animal-rights activist Walt Rave passed away in 2011, artist Art Hondros’ bio-comic shows that compassion is timeless.
NY Rep. Challenges Rampant Antibiotic Use on Farms
The unsanitary conditions of factory farms have made antibiotics necessary, but their overuse could spell disaster.
Thousands of Dead Pigs Found in Chinese River
The discovery of dead pigs found in the Shanghai water supply is shocking to many residents, but pig fatalities are nothing new in China.
MFA Pulls No Punches in Mad Sausage Commercial
In the cyber-age of viral videos, MFA effectively takes its message to the next level in a darkly comedic commercial.

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