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Slate Editor Says Vegan Mayo is Better in Taste Test
A veg-skeptical mayonnaise enthusiast concedes that the ubiquitous plant-based condiment is better than the real thing.
Plant-Based Protein Powder
With 25 grams of GMO-free protein per serving, Bodylogix' all-natural vegan supplement is the perfect work-out partner.
America’s Seafood Consumption Experiences Decline
The rising cost of seafood has made the inhumane animal product scarce on dinner plates across the country.
Faux Fur is Taking Over Retail Clothing Racks
The humane clothing option is experiencing unprecedented popularity this holiday season.
Elementary School Cancels SeaWorld Field Trip
Students and parents of Point Dume Marine Science Elementary School say “no” to another field trip to SeaWorld.
North Carolina forms Humane Agriculture Group
Farmers who don’t want to sacrifice animal-welfare for commercial interest are banding together to form the NC Agriculture Council.
Corporate Magnate Makes Veg Business Decision
At the insistence of vegetarian shareholders, Indian corporate kingpin Mukesh Ambani turns his retail chain completely vegetarian.
Jon Bernthal Fights Against Animal-Cruelty in PSA
The renowned TV actor tells people to report animal abuse that they suspect or witness.
Domino’s Franchise in Israel Serves Vegan Pizza
The international pizza chain may be on the path to cruelty-free success with a soy and veggie pie now being served in Israel.
Jay-Z Gets Veganism Mainstream Media Attention
Fox news posts health advice for readers following the famed rapper’s path to veganism.
Meat Consumption Linked to Inflammation
New research shows that consuming animal products changes gut bacteria to promote chronic inflammatory conditions.
Undercover Investigator Faces Cruelty Charges
A Compassion Over Killing worker may be sentenced to 18 months in prison after bringing animal abuse to light.
FDA Moves to Regulate Agribusiness Antibiotic Use
Rampant antibiotic use is creating stronger and more resistant bacteria, and the government is finally taking action.
Humane Society Educates Vietnamese Youth on Rhinos
In an effort to curb rhino poaching, the HSI is teaching Vietnamese schoolchildren and their families about the cruel hunting practice.
The Guardian Notes the Decline of Meat in America
The British news source says that the land of the free and home of the brave’s love affair with meat may be losing its luster.
Bob Barker Says Vegetarianism Keeps the Mind Fit
The Price is Right star promotes a vegetarian diet to stay physically and mentally healthy.
Investigation Shows Abuse at DiGiornio Dairy Farm
A Wisconsin farm has lost major business after an investigation showed workers ruthlessly beating, stabbing, and whipping cows.
NYC Restaurateur to Open Raw Vegan Establishment
International culinary connoisseur says his next NYC restaurant will be 100 percent raw.
Heart Cancels February SeaWorld Performance
The female-fronted music act follows the Barenaked Ladies and Willie Nelson in dropping off the bill of an upcoming SeaWorld show.
Beyond Meat Makes Time’s “Exciting Startups” List
The new source says Beyond Meat is an innovative step toward a more eco-friendly food system.
CNN Documentary Blackfish Makes Oscar Shortlist
The expositional film made waves when it was released earlier this year, and is now in the running for an Oscar award in 2014.
New Permanent Ocean Speed Limit Protects Whales
Due to a petition filed by animal-welfare groups, a once tentative large vessel speed limit is now a permanent law.
Vegan Artist Receives Dickinson College Award
Sue Coe will be honored by Dickinson College for her powerful depictions of the animal agriculture industry’s inherent violence.
Slaughterhouse Settles Multi-Million Dollar Suit
Guilty parties will pay a total of $3.1 million after an undercover investigator revealed animal cruelty at a California slaughterhouse.
Mother Jones Publishes A Timeline of Fake Meat
From 19th century peanut burgers to futuristic in-vitro meat, Mother Jones maps out the rise of faux.
Jay-Z Celebrates 44 Years with 22 Days of Veganism
The famed rapper may have 99 problems, but a fat- and cholesterol-laden diet is not one.
Livestock Methane Emissions Are Dangerously High
Data from 2008 shows that the methane emissions from the livestock industry are far worse than the federal government anticipated.
Joaquin Phoenix Talks About Coming-Of-Age Veganism
The Hollywood star says it was a childhood fishing trip that helped him see the inhumanity of eating meat.
Philly to Get Sinfully Good Vegan Bar in 2014
Patrons in the City of Brotherly Love will be able to wine and dine on libations and vegan menu pairings at Charlie Was a Sinner.
Study: Nut Consumption Linked to Increased Lifespan
New research shows that eating nuts can help you live a longer, healthier, disease-free life.
Saucony and BAIT Collaborate on Vegan Shoe Line
The shoe brand is working with the style-centric LA vendor to save animals and raise money for charity.
Iowa Citizens Threaten Factory Farm with Lawsuit
After numerous incidents in which thousands of gallons of toxic manure spilled into a nearby creek, local residents are taking action into their own hands.
Pardoned Turkeys Still Suffer Premature Deaths
Even turkeys who escape slaughter have unnaturally short lives due to profit-pushing farming techniques.
Expert Says Gov. Fails to Regulate Agribusiness
Pew Commission member Robert Martin says the food industry’s lobbying power has prevented politicians from reforming its hazardous practices.
Norwegian Army Joins Meatless Monday Campaign
The Scandinavian nation will go vegetarian once a week to reduce its environmental impact.
Fox News Presents Protein-Rich Plant-Based Foods
The news source recommends consuming legumes, coniferous green vegetables, and chia seeds for a protein-rich diet.
New Cruelty-Free Fashion Line Raises Fur Awareness
John Bartlett teams up with the Humane Society of the United States to promote a fur-free lifestyle.
Tyson Eliminates Contract After Pig Abuse Revealed
The largest meat producer in the US has severed ties with one of its contractors after undercover investigation footage was aired by NBC.
Isa Chandra Teaches Family Thanksgiving Togetherness
The Post Punk Kitchen host says family members of all dietary persuasions can practice loving tolerance on Turkey Day.
31 Dogs Seized in Alabama Dog-Fighting Ring Raid
During an Alabama rescue mission, more than 30 dogs were discovered living in substandard conditions without access or proper shelter.
Lincoln Field Named Most Veg-Friendly Stadium
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has named the Eagles’ home field the most vegetarian-friendly NFL arena.
Alec Baldwin Protests Macy’s Parade SeaWorld Float
The 30 Rock Actor says that SeaWorld’s inhumane treatment of animals should disbar it from the annual Parade.
Mercy For Animals Releases Vegan Community Guide
The animal-welfare organization gives helpful tips on how to turn your city into a hotbed of vegan food.
Vegan Turkey Celebration Featured on ABC News
The news network showed how Farm Sanctuary and hundreds of vegans pay tribute to Turkeys on Thanksgiving.
Cracker Barrel Shareholders Drop Gestation Crates
An anti-gestation crate initiative was recently approved by 96 percent of Cracker Barrel’s shareholders.
Indian Government Protects Circus Animals
PETA circus investigation spurs the Indian government to free a slew of aging circus animals and outlaw the use of elephants in performances.
Veggies More Popular Than Ever on American Menus
An increasing number of American eateries are making vegetables the main course on their menus.
Unappetizing Image of Frozen McRib Goes Viral
A Reddit picture of McDonald’s ever-popular menu item is more stomach churning than mouthwatering.
New Study Shows Weight-Loss Benefits of Veganism
Recently-released research reveals that you can lose weight without counting calories when you go cruelty-free.
Isa Chandra to Open Omaha’s First Vegan Eatery
The lauded cruelty-free cooking connoisseur will open a vegan comfort food restaurant in Nebraska.

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