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Diesel Emissions Linked to Bee Population Decline
Chemicals in diesel fuel may be preventing bees from using their sense of smell to find flower nectar and pollinate plants.
Amazon UK Ceases the Online Sale of Foie Gras
Internet protest efforts cause the online retailer to drop foie gras from its store.
CNN Spotlights Beyond Meat’s Rising Relevancy
The news outlet tells the story of Beyond Meat and its fight to break into the mainstream market.
Buffalo Public Schools Go Meatless on Mondays
The Buffalo school district joins the Meatless Monday campaign to encourage physical and mental wellness.
Vegetable Consumption Increases Among Adolescents
The childhood obesity epidemic may be taking a promising turn as research indicates that adolescent may be eating more veggies.
LA Weekly Names Crossroads Kitchen Best Vegan Restaurant
The Los Angeles publication recognizes Crossroads’ veg-centric, small-plate dining concept.
Activists Urge Canadians to Go Meatless on Mondays
With mounting environmental issues, a health epidemic, and devastating world hunger statistics, two concerned Canadians make an easy case for Meatless Mondays.
Juice Beauty Says “No” to Chinese Animal Testing
The cosmetics company has stopped selling its products in the Chinese market to avoid animal testing mandates.
Gov. Shutdown Halts Animal Protection Services
Until democrats and republicans can resolve their funding feud, myriad animal-welfare services are forced to go on hiatus.
Boxing Champion Touts Veganism’s Athletic Benefits
Timothy Bradley Jr. is one of the many high-performance athletes who credit a plant-based diet for his competitive edge.
NPR Reports on the Oldest Vegetarian Restaurant
The new source talks about Switzerland’s Hiltl, which has been serving meat-free dishes since the turn of the twentieth century.
Meat-Free Alternatives Creating Online Buzz
Twitter and other social media platforms are alive with discussions about cruelty-free eating.
National Kale Day Celebrates All-Things Kale
Health experts, culinary enthusiasts, farmers, and everyday people join together to celebrate the increasingly popular produce item.
The Washington Post Gets Cooking With Rich Landau
Vedge’s Rich Landau endows readers with his vegan culinary wisdom during an evening with Food and Travel editor Joe Yonan.
Canadian Chicken Processor Faces Criminal Charges
Maple Lodge Farms in Canada has been charged with 58 animal health violations.
Martha Stewart Opposes New Jersey Gestation Crates
The television personality urges New Jersey legislators to support a statewide ban on gestation crates.
The Guardian Highlights Worldwide Vegetarianism
Whether you're traversing Asia or exploring Europe, the UK-based news source says there are veggie options aplenty for world travelers.
Emily Deschanel Says Veganism is a “Win-Win-Win”
The Bones star talks about the humane merits of going vegan and why animals are not ours to harm.
Undercover Footage Shows Illegal Lobster Slaughter
A lobster processing plant in Maine was been found to be unlawfully and inhumanely killing lobsters and crabs.
Philly’s Vedge Unveils its Apple Stuffing Cronut
Two of Vedge’s pastry chefs have created a vegan Cronut made with cinnamon sugar and pomegranate glaze.
Animal Advocacy Conference Scheduled for October
Attendees of the Twin Cities Veg fest can stay an extra day and learn about the art of farm animal advocacy at Their Lives Our Voice.
Animated Graph Shows Chickens’ Unnatural Growth
A graph on lets you see how the size of chickens has increased dramatically over the years, while their lives have been cut short.
Business Insider Gives Meat-Free Cash-Saving Tips
Smart spending decisions can make vegetarianism a money-saving diet.
Study Shows Veganism Lengthens Life Expectancy
Recent research indicates that a plant-based diet may help reverse the aging process of cells.
NYT Drink Critic Talks About the Art of Vegan Wine
While wine is a far cry from hamburgers and bacon, it still may contain trace elements of animal products that make it not vegan.
Animal Activists Fight for NJ Gestation Crate Ban
A slew of animal-welfare groups are urging New Jersey politicians to override Governor Christie’s gestation crate ban veto.
Anti-Factory Farm iPhone Game Gains Popularity
Run Cow Run, a light-hearted take on the serious subject of factory farming, has more than one million downloads.
Men’s Fitness Magazine Presents Vegan Dinner Menu
Celebrity chef Jason Roberts has created an exquisite three-course menu for guys looking to impress a gluten-free, vegan date.
Twiggy Joins Fashion’s Growing Anti-Fur Movement
The iconic 60s supermodel advocates for fur-free clothing during London Fashion Week.
US Declares the White Rhino a Threatened Species
In an effort to implement greater protective measures and save the rhinoceros population, the government has categorized the white rhino as “threatened.”
Pro Athletes and British Royalty Fight Poaching
An NBA player, a soccer legend, and the Duke of Cambridge star in two new PSAs to urge the public not to buy rhino horns or ivory.
Vegan Food Truck Patrols Maryland Food Desert
Capitol Heights, MD residents are getting a much-needed health-food fix, thanks to a vegan food truck that rolls through its low-income neighborhoods.
Failed Meat Safety Program Will Be Used in the US
A pilot inspection system that increases productivity has failed to protect US consumers from tainted meat, but will still be implemented throughout the country.
Activists Protest Animal Brain Injury Research
Rats have long been used by the NFL for brain injury research, and animal-welfare activists say that it is ineffective and inhumane.
Chipotle Video Exposes Factory Farming Industry
The national Mexican food chain uses an animated video to show the unnatural conditions of the factory farm industry.
Trial US Meat Inspection System Fails Overseas
A foreign meat inspection program led to bacteria-laden beef arriving at American borders and shores.
Petition Seeks Vegan Version of Starbucks Latte
A vegan Starbucks enthusiast has created a digital petition to urge Starbucks to make its Pumpkin Spice Latte dairy-free.
Vegan Health and Fitness Expo Comes to Oakland
People will be able to listen and learn from the leading health advocates in veganism at a Northern California health and wellness festival.
USA Today Spotlights 10 Hot Meat-Free Restaurants
The national news source paid tribute to vegetarian restaurants that appeal to diners of all dietary persuasions.
Tibetan Monks Protect Endangered Snow Leopard
Buddhist monks who reside in monasteries have helped protect snow leopards by keeping poachers at bay.
Russell Simmons Featured on Vegetarian Billboard
The music mogul’s smiling face and meat-free ethics grace a new Chi-Town billboard that aims to inspire motorists to go vegetarian.
Vegan Powerlifter Breaks World Record in Toronto
Patrik Baboumian of Germany, who was declared Germany’s strongest man in 2011, shows that you don‘t need animal products to be strong.
Medical Industry May Stop Animal Testing In Two Years
The USDA supports using new technology rather than animals for pharmaceutical testing measures.
LA Times Spotlights Robin Quivers’ Vegan Health
Yesterday, Robin Quivers took the lead role on Howard Stern’s radio show as she talked about her battle with cancer and her recovery that she credits to veganism.
Michelle Pfeiffer Cites Vegan Health Benefits
The 55-year-old actress credits veganism for keeping her cholesterol down.
Food Critic Supports Meat-Free Eating
Newspaper writer and restaurant critic Jay Rayner is a proponent of Meatless Mondays, and Tuesdays.
Philosophy Professor Dishes on Veg Parenting
An academic mother of two talks about why raising her children vegetarian is fiscally, physically, and paternally a wise move.
Activists Protest Elephant Rides at County Fair
PETA urges Williams County residents to oppose the scheduled appearance of an elephant trainer with a tainted history of animal mistreatment.
Sarah Silverman Writes Touching Eulogy for Her Dog
The renowned comedian shows how deep the bond between humans and animals can be in a eulogy she wrote for her dog’s obituary.
Vaute Couture Accepting Preorders for Winter Line
The cruelty-free clothing line offers 50 percent discounts to eager vegan fashionistas.

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