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Largest Fro-Yo Company in US Offers Vegan Flavor
TCBY will now be serving an almond-based frozen yogurt at locations throughout the country.
11-Year-Old Urges TX Governor to Ban Shark Finning
Sawyer Chandler is meeting with Texas politicians and circulating an online petition to outlaw shark finning.
Chicago’s Veggie Fest Popular Among Omnivores
The Windy City’s plant-based food festival shows that meat eaters have taken an avid interest in vegetarian cooking for health reasons.
The Guardian Highlights British Vegan Hotspots
The popular British-based newspaper shines the spotlights on veg-friendly cities and restaurants abroad.
Hollywood Celebrities: Why Going Vegan Matters
Artists and actors use their words, wallets, and wisdom to advocate for animals everywhere.
Faux Skin to Replace Animals in Cosmetic Lab Tests
PETA has financed a skin replica that the cosmetics industry can use to test the irritability of chemicals.
Elephants Face Extinction Within the Next 10 Years
Ivory may be a symbol of affluence in China, but elephants are the ones who pay the ultimate price.
High School Graduate Develops Vegan Recipe App
Vegan diners can access healthful breakfast, dessert, and snack food recipes on Florida teen’s new click-worthy app.
Forbes Mag Details Factory Farms’ Role in Water Shortage
The magazine reports that animal agriculture may be responsible for the unsustainable farming practices that are at the helm of US water shortages.
Documentary Causes Pixar to Alter Finding Nemo Ending
Animal suffering in the documentary, Blackfish, leads to an ending change in Pixar's new blockbuster sequel.
ABC Spotlights 13 Protein-Packed Plant-Based Foods
The news source addresses the common concern of how to get enough protein in a plant-based diet.
High-Protein Energy Bars
Packed with delicious raw nutrients and a whopping 20 grams of protein, ProBar's new Core Bars give us the afternoon boost we need.
Running with the Bulls Comes to the United States
Starting in August, people will risk their lives getting chased by bulls in cities throughout the United States.
Miss America Contestant Protests Animal Testing
Bindhu Pamarthi of Washington, DC says that human vanity does not justify animal cruelty.
PETA Sues Federal Government for Exporting Tigers
The Fish and Wildlife Service faces litigation for violating the Endangered Species Act.
Glasgow is Named UK’s Most Vegan-Friendly City
The Scottish city’s burgeoning plant-based dining scene is as diverse as it is delicious.
Access Hollywood Spotlights New York Vegan Eatery
Hollywood’s hottest get their health-food fix with raw dishes from NYC’s One Lucky Duck.
Vegan Hiker May Break Pacific Crest Trail Record
Josh Garrett’s border-to-border trek, from Mexico to Canada, may beat the current record time by more than three days.
Fed. Government Denies the Import of Beluga Whales
Georgia Aquarium’s attempt to bring in wild beluga whales for entertainment results the protest of millions.
Vegan Soul Food Truck Rolls Out in Washington DC
The nation's capital can expect cruelty-free comfort cuisine from the mobile eatery, Woodlands Vegan Bistro.
Study Finds Veganism Can Help Combat World Hunger
Scientists from the Institute on the Environment and the University of Minnesota show that the animal industry is wasting food resources.
Snoop Dogg Fights Euthanasia in Animal Shelters
The Long Beach rapper collaborates with a dog food company to help feed animals in shelters across the country.
Vegan Cyber Health Resource Makes Online Debut
Plant Based Research allows users to browse through an extensive archive of vegan health-related articles.
Walking Dead Star Fights Against Animal Testing
Television and film actor Norman Reedus voices his opposition against the cruelty of the cosmetics industry.
Costa Rica To Free Animals in Public Zoos
The South American country passes another law to benefit its rich wildlife.
NBC Latino Spotlights Candle 79’s Executive Chef
The news outlet talks tempeh with culinary mastermind Angel Ramos.
Blackfish Receives Unanimous Praise from Critics
The documentary’s behind-the-scenes glance at Sea World has shocked critics across the country.
Horse Slaughter Inspections Temporarily Stopped
Animal-welfare groups have managed to halt equine slaughter facilities from resuming operations.
Honolulu Magazine Spotlights Vegan Dining Scene
The Hawaii-based publication notes the rising trend of cruelty-free eating and the restaurants that cater to it.
Research Links Chemicals to Bee Population Decline
An average of nine different fungicides and pesticides discovered in bee pollen are tied to colony collapse disorder.
Denzel Washington Goes Veg for Health Reasons
The Hollywood star attempts to give up meat to bolster his physical well-being.
NYC Fights Obesity With Produce Prescriptions
The Empire State issues “Health Bucks” to encourage residents to get their food at local farmers’ markets.
ABC Reports on a Meat-Free Diet’s Health Benefits
The news outlet agrees that going vegetarian is a healthy way to reduce weight and get healthy.
AARP Highlights Bill Clinton’s Healthy Vegan Diet
Bill Clinton talks about why he switched to a cruelty-free diet and gives advice on maintaining healthful eating habits.
News Host Speaks Out Against National Farm Bill
Jane Velez-Mitchell warns viewers about an amendment to a proposed federal bill that may render animal-welfare laws ineffective.
National Concert Promoter To Serve Veg Options
Cruelty-free options will now be served throughout the US and Canada at Live Nation‘s outdoor venues
NatGeo Goes Undercover on Factory Farms
The wildlife media group’s new investigative series teams up with Mercy For Animals for an undercover exposé.
Robert Redford Joins Fight Against Horse Slaughter
The Hollywood star teams up with animal-welfare activists to prevent US horse slaughter.
Runner’s World Magazine Approves a Meat-Free Diet
The running publication reports on veganism’s ability to provide adequate nutrients to athletes.
Factory Farm Worker Found Guilty of Animal-Cruelty
Wyoming Premium Farms employee will face a suspended jail sentence and six months probation for kicking and punching farm pigs.
Buzzfeed Chairman to Launch Animal-Related Website
An internet media mogul’s new project will capitalize on the public’s fascination with animals and the issues that affect them.
Rhode Island Joins National Anti-Poaching Effort
Ocean State Governor Lincoln Chafee recently signed legislation enabling Rhode Island to become an Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact member.
Fox News Recognizes Veganism’s Health Benefits
During its online show, the major news outlet reported on a plant-based diet’s ability to ward off diseases and assist with weight loss.
Animal Activists Help Hydrate Factory Farm Pigs
A group known as Toronto Pig Save braved the heat wave last week to provide water to slaughterhouse-bound pigs.
Investigation Reveals USDA’s Toll on Wildlife
Millions of innocent animals found to be inadvertently killed by the federal government’s Wildlife Services.
The Rise of Veganism in the Latino Community
Miami native, cookbook author, and globetrotter extraordinaire Carolyn Scott-Hamilton talks about the burgeoning vegan movement in the Latino community.
Capitol Hill Cafeterias to Introduce Veg Options
An ag-industry trade group and a vegetarian-advocacy caucus agreed that the Washington DC cafeterias should include more plant-based options.
True Blood Star Speaks Out for Shelter Animals
True Blood actress Kristin Bauer van Straten talks about the close relationship she has with her rescued four-legged companion.
Shape Offers Six Veg Recipes Carnivores Will Love
The women’s fitness magazine publishes several delectable dishes that will convince meat-eating mates to appreciate vegan cuisine.
Vegan East Bay Eatery Starts Kickstarter Campaign
Sanctuary Bistro will offer organic, cruelty-free fare in a fine dining atmosphere to Northern California foodies.

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