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Vegan East Bay Eatery Starts Kickstarter Campaign
Sanctuary Bistro will offer organic, cruelty-free fare in a fine dining atmosphere to Northern California foodies.
Hillary Clinton Fights Against Elephant Poaching
The ivory trade has left the African elephant population in despair, but Hillary Rodham Clinton plans to fight back against poachers.
People Interact as Cows on a Virtual Reality Farm
Cyber technology at Stanford University brings factory farm exposure to a new, interactive level.
Compassion Over Killing Creates Spanish Veg Guide
In an effort to combat health issues and educate Spanish-speaking consumers, COK publishes a plant-based recipe resource.
Federal Statute Overrides CA Chicken Welfare Law
Iowa representative Steve King issues legislation that will render a previous CA farm bill ineffective.
Australian Government Touts Vegan Alternatives
The National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia recognizes the healthy aspects of a plant-based, whole-foods diet.
PA Law Makes Animals Abusers Pay Shelter Expenses
Residents of the Keystone State accused of abuse will be fiscally responsible for animals taken into custody.
New Vegan Bakery in Dallas Opening This September
With the help of an online Kickstarter campaign, a new Lone Star State confectionary will be serving up danishes and custom cakes this fall.
Investigation Reveals Pig Torture in Mississippi
Undercover footage of a Mississippi factory farm that receives millions of taxpayer dollars in contracts shows workers repeatedly electrocuting pigs.
San Diego To Pass Anti-Puppy Mill Legislation
The Southern California city has mandated that all animals sold in its jurisdiction must come from a shelter or rescue.
First-Ever Animal Rights Festival in Long Island
Long Islanders will learn how to cook veg-friendly fare and get educated on animal-welfare issues at an upcoming animal rights event.
Ethical Eatery Root Opens Its Doors in Boston
Root diners can expect healthful, plant-based dishes prepared with locally sourced ingredients.
Fox News Latino Educates Viewers on Eating Vegan
The network news station shows how healthy and convenient eating a meat-free diet can be.
New Hampshire Joins National Anti-Poaching Pact
The northern New England state recently signed legislation that would make it a member of the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact, a wildlife welfare system.
Red Meat May Be Linked to Colon Cancer Fatalities
Researchers reveal a correlation between the consumption of red meat and increased risk of death from colon cancer.
India Places Ban on Animal Testing for Cosmetics
Animal-welfare activists and politicians came together to stop the inhumane treatment of animals at the hands of the cosmetics industry.
Quiznos Plans to Phase Out All Gestation Crates
The fast food sandwich enterprise will exclusively source its meat from gestation crate-free farms within the next nine years.
Animal Cruelty in Kennels Made a Felony in OH
A new Ohio law will increase the severity of punishment for committing animal abuse.
BBQ Posse Co-Founder Loses 15 Pounds on Vegan Diet
A barbecue devotee from the Lone Star State experiences the health benefits of giving up meat and dairy.
USDA Approves Horse Slaughter Inspections in NM
The federal government may once again allow horses to be killed for human consumption on US soil.
New Jersey Governor Vetoes Gestation Crate Bill
Despite the Garden State legislature approving a statute that bans confining sow cages, the law will not go into effect.
Vegan Dish Wins National Recipe Contest for Kids
Noah Koch, whose vegan pesto pasta beat nearly 1,300 other entries in a recipe contest, has won a trip to the White House.
PA Ballpark Is Named Most Veg-Friendly in US
Phillies fans can enjoy faux-chicken patties and faux chicken steak during their seventh inning stretch.
PETA Names This Year’s Sexiest Vegetarian Celebs
Silver screen celebs Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are recognized by PETA for their cruelty-free proclivities.
Nearly 360 Laboratory Chimpanzees to Be Released
Hundreds of government-owned primates who have endured deplorable living conditions and laboratory testing will find new homes at sanctuaries.
Red Meat Consumption Linked to Type 2 Diabetes
Research published in JAMA Internal Medicine finds that steaks, burgers, and bacon increase the risk of developing diabetes.
China Has Larger Vegetarian Population Than US
The Asian super power is experiencing a rise in eco-consciousness and with it, a rising number of vegetarians.
Meatless Monday on Capitol Hill Spurs Controversy
Meat industry groups are up in arms after a food service company encouraged government workers to go meat-free on Mondays.
Vegan Hiker Attempts Pacific Crest Trail Record
On June 10, Josh Garrett began his hike from Mexico to Canada to raise money for Mercy For Animals.
Stephen Colbert Satirizes a Federal Farm Bill
The Colbert Report host recently lambasted an Iowa politician who has been in favor of dog fighting and putting arsenic in chicken feed.
New Jersey Legislature Passes Animal Neglect Law
Recent legislation known as Patrick’s Law will help protect Garden State animals from neglect and abuse.
Mother Jones Sheds Light on Pig Farming Practices
The political magazine documents the cruel treatment of pregnant pigs—and the factory farm PR campaign that defends it.
World Food Supply Cannot Feed Omnivore Population
According to researchers at the University of Minnesota, soon there will not be enough crops to meet the dietary needs of the growing meat-eating population.
EPA Strikes Down Proposed Factory Farm Regulations
Despite millions of tons of manure polluting the US waterways, the federal government has chosen to forgo new regulatory laws.
Ellen DeGeneres Gives a Vegan Farmer a Tractor
Thanks to the television host, cruelty-free advocate Melissa Karpel will have some additional horsepower on her organic veggie farm.
Jill Milan Sells New Line of Vegan Handbags in SF
Cruelty-free fashionistas can get a preview of Jill Milan’s new collection of Italian, handcrafted products at San Francisco’s Westfield Mall.
James Cameron Promotes Veganism at Awards Gala
The director who brought Titanic and The Terminator to the silver screen, lauds the benefits of plant-based eating during his acceptance speech.
Federal Gov. Says Neigh to Horse Slaughter Funding
If a recent vote by US House Appropriations Committee survives the legislative process, killing horses for human consumption will be prohibited in the US.
13 Adorable, Adoptable Feline Friends
These fine felines will, purr, climb, and pounce their way into your heart this Adopt a Cat Month
NPR Program Features Hampton Creek’s Beyond Eggs
The health and environmental benefits of plant-based alternatives such as Beyond Eggs are discussed on All Things Considered.
Health Guru to Do Veg Cleanse With Wedding Guests
Rainbeau Mars, who is best known for her yoga DVDs, has invited her bridal guests to participate in a 21-day plant-based cleanse with her and her husband.
New York Magazine Marks 2013 the Year of Pleather
Faux leather’s alterability and weatherproof exterior make it a favorite among starlet fashionistas and high-end designers.
Mercy For Animals Launches Anti-Foie Gras Campaign
In an attempt to dissuade Amazon from selling foie gras, MFA is educating consumers on the inherent cruelty of the industry’s practices.
Proposed Rule Grants Protection to Captive Chimps
Previously, the endangered status of chimps and its inherent protective measures did not fully extend to primates in captivity, but a new rule may change that.
Law May Bar Citizens from Voting on Hunting Issues
For the first time in Maine’s history, a statute may be passed that prohibits residents from introducing wildlife-protection initiatives.
Violet Sweet Shoppe Sells Cruelty-Free Confections
The all-vegan bakery opened earlier this month, and shop-goers can expect a colorful array of cakes, candy, and ice cream to satiate their sweet side.
Research Reveals Possibility of Meat Allergies
Scientists are starting to discover a correlation between meat and adverse allergic reactions known as anaphylaxis.
Forbes Recognizes Veggie Grill’s Budding Success
The California-based food chain’s exponential growth and continual success has caught the business publication’s attention.
Amendment Threatens Existing Animal-Welfare Laws
Statutes that prohibit horsemeat for slaughter and improve the living conditions for farm animals are under attack.
Horsemeat Scandal Causes Tesco’s Sales to Suffer
The major supermarket chain has faced marketplace trepidation internationally and domestically due to the recent horsemeat debacle.

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