Work with a Vegan Designer!

Multi-layered graphic design and writing services for vegan groups and businesses: Logos+Taglines, Ads+Promos, Books+Newsletters, Social Media, Print+Web

Parfait Studio

Take Action for Animals!

An educational organization that works to promote positive change in people's views and treatment of animals. Join us in making a difference by becoming a member and getting involved!

Action for Animals

Visit Animal Place

If you listen to the Cow, he says to practice compassion. He also says to visit Animal Place, either online or in person, and support his cause to "Go Veg!"

Animal Place

Meet Single Vegetarians

Connect with like-minded singles in the vegetarian, animal rights and environmental community. For friendship, dating, romance. Free to join. Free to search. Register today!

Save the Greyhounds!

Dedicated to ending the exploitation and killing of greyhound racing, GREY2K USA offers beautiful cruelty-free gifts to animal lovers from coast to coast.


Live Your Life With Rabbitude!

Creative, compassionate and cute. Hard-working, effective nonprofit animal rescue at its finest. Join us! Be gentle, yet bold like a bunny. Educate. Volunteer. Donate. Adopt.

VegNews TreeFree Subscriptions

Want the magazine delivered to your inbox rather than your mailbox? Get a subscription in a high-tech, tree-loving digital format. Pages flip just like the magazine and are printable.

VegNews Magazine

This Week on VegNews TV: The secret to these delightful sweet treats is white beans! Aylin Erman shows you how to make these simple blondies.

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